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New Driver & Firmware Improves Fargo DTC400e & C30e Printer Operations

DTC400e-C30eFargo has developed a new driver and firmware for its Fargo DTC400e and Persona C30e card printers. The driver and firmware were released to improve printer operations and make printing your ID cards with the Persona C30e and Fargo DTC400e card printers more convenient and efficient than ever. With the new driver the Fargo DTC400e and C30e card printers now fully support Microsoft Vista 32-bit software. You can now easily print your ID cards with your Fargo DTC400e or Persona C30e using a Microsoft Windows Vista-equipped computer.

The new driver for the Fargo DTC400e and Persona C30e also adds new magnetic encoding options to include a wider range of characters to encode on the magnetic stripe on your ID cards. Additional rewritable card capabilities are also available for the Fargo C30e and DTC400e printers to allow you to erase and print on the front and back of the dual-sided rewritable cards in one pass. You no longer have to send the rewritable cards through the printer twice. The new firmware resolves issues occurring during the calibration of the ribbon for the DTC400e and C30e printers.

To ensure the optimal performance of your Fargo DTC400e and Persona C30e printers, you must install the new driver and firmware at the same time. Download the new driver v.1.1.8 and firmware v. from the Fargo Tech Support site. Simply select Printer in the product type drop down and then DTC400e or C30e for the updated driver and firmware for your card printer.

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