What is a Magnetic ID Badge Holder?

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Magnetic badge accessories and holders allow you to securely hold the badge to shirt Magnetic Badge Holderspockets and belts without using clips or pins. ID Wholesaler offers magnetic badge holders  and attachments.

Here are a few ideas and recommendations directly from customers who have used these products:

The Shielded Magnetic Badge Holder features a sleeve for inserting your badge and a build-in magnet to attaching to clothing. JC@MrRooter from Baldwin Park CA says that it’s “great in the field, long lasting, stays on the shirt.” He adds that it “is a long-lasting product and stays on our plumbers’ shirts in the field.”

The MagnaDisc Magnetic Badge Attachment contains one zinc-plated steel encased disc with one round magnet and one steel disc with adhesive foam tape. Sandra the HR Assistant Extraordinaire reports that “these little dots are great for quick attachment to uniforms. They also allow room on the back of the ID for information to be printed…doesn’t take up too much room on the ID itself.”

The MagnaBadge Badge Attachment is another popular item. It features a nickel-plated steel plate with two round magnets and one zinc plated steel plate with an adhesive foam pad and peel-away liner.

GWG776 from Hendersonville, NC reports: “Great magnet. Holds well for our staff that are interacting and playing with children.” Tom the Print Man from Davenport, Iowa says that he “used for badges and lately used to hang signs at trade shows.”


Carolyn S. from Pueblo, CO says, “I have ordered these magnets for the last 2 years. We prefer magnets to the pins that are on our nametags. The pins will ruin shirts. These magnets are VERY strong. They really hold the nametag to your shirt. Our guys in maintenance have no problems keeping their nametags on even during rough and tumble tasks. I recommend these magnets to everyone in our national franchise business.”

If you need help finding a magnetic ID badge holder or attachment for your employee ID badges, contact an ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405!

2 Responses to “What is a Magnetic ID Badge Holder?”

  1. Laura Clark says:

    Good afternoon! I’m very happy to have “happened upon” your site. I work at Duke University Hospital, and like all staff, must wear an ID badge. Currently, the bookstore only sells lanyards and retractable badges with an alligator clip. Unfortunately, the lanyard makes the back of my neck break out, and the clip stretches the collars of my Duke shirts. I’ve been searching for small, round magnets to “rig” mine into being a magnetically-attached retractable badge. I plan to order from you, so I wanted to confirm that the smallest amount I can order is the pack of 50 (I only need one, but I understand if that’s your lowest salable quantity). Thanks for your time, and I look forward to your response.


  2. Kate Curtis says:

    Hi Laura,

    Yes, our badge accessories come pre-packaged in various minimum quantities. I’d suggest that you give one of our friendly ID Experts a ring at (800) 321-4405 to further discuss your specific needs and the most cost-effective solution for you.


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