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Sample ID Cards

Sample ID Card Designs

Easy-to-counterfeit simply designed ID cards can compromise the security of your facility and the people in it. For example, a plain ID card that features only the cardholder’s photo and name is easy for anyone to duplicate.

A simple way to protect your ID cards from fraudulent duplication is to design them using elements such as photos, or other graphic backgrounds, and logos. Additionally, a well-designed photo ID card is a highly-visible reflection of your organization’s identity. Consider working with a graphic designer or your marketing department to create an ID card that is both difficult to replicate and representative of your brand or organization.

Have questions about creating your own ID cards? Talk to an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 x2, chat live with us now, or email us at sales@IDWholesaler.com.
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The ID card examples shown here illustrate ways to design great looking ID cards:




Looking for ID card design tips? Get your free copy of our 6 Badge Design Tips guide. Ready to design your first card? Download a free trial of ID software to see first-hand how it works! 

Have questions or need assistance? Talk to an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 x2, chat live with us now, or email us at sales@IDWholesaler.com.

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