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Sample ID Card Designs

The importance of a well-designed, professional-looking ID card is two-fold: it helps safeguard your facility’s security and is also a direct reflection of your company’s brand identity.

In addition to a cardholder’s credentials and photo, you can ensure an optimally-branded card that’s difficult to replicate by incorporating a variety of design elements. These include your organization’s logo or graphics, brand colors, and fonts.

A great place to start is with your internal marketing or design team. They’re very familiar with your company’s brand standards and can help create a solid design that’s not easy to duplicate and effectively represents your brand.

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The ID card examples shown here illustrate ways to design great looking ID cards:

Corporate ID Card
Police ID Card
Student ID Card


University ID Card
Health Club ID Card
Ski ID Card


Health Care ID Card
Elementary ID Card
Church ID Card


Manufacturing ID Card
Student ID Card
Marine ID Card
Principal ID Card


Loyalty Card
Golf Card
Loyalty Card


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