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PlascoTrac is a user-friendly and easy-to-use software that allows schools to track student attendance and behavior
Offers an efficient means of overseeing compliance to disciplinary actions
Helps reinforce positive behavior by assigning merit points for good behavior and rewarding students with special incentives
PlascoTrac has the ability to help reduce student tardiness by 50-80%
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Customer Testimonials

"I like that every student is held to the same standard. Whether they are an A or F student, they are given the same consequences."

- Dr. Salazar, Dundee-Crown High School, IL

"After the PlascoTrac implementation, the climate in our entire school has taken a positive turn."

- Don Holmes, Hillcrest High School, IL

"With PlascoTrac, tardies have decreased by 2/3 - from 161 tardies to 1st period, down to an average of 25."

- School Staff, Alta Loma High School, CA

"PlascoTrac is an excellent solution for many of the problems we face in schools today."

- Lee Hale, Choctawhatchee High School, FL

"PlascoTrac eliminates the tedious paperwork and long lines outside the main office."

- Sgt. Pinkney, Memphis City Schools

PlascoTrac has helped process students faster, which enables them to get to class in a more timely manner."

- Carol Tuller, Cypress Bay High School, FL

"The more exact your can be with a parent, the better. That gives you more credibility versus the student saying I was just a couple minutes late. It makes a huge difference when talking to parents."

- Josh Chambers, Glenbard East, IL

"The system provides a great amount of accountability and consistency for the students."

- Cara Cerecerez, Alta Loma High School, CA

PlascoTrac Student Behavior Tracking Software

PlascoTrac is a modular student behavior tracking software that helps schools get a handle on tardy tracking and other minor disciplinary infractions. PlascoTrac's suite of tools includes mobile operations, event tracking, district-level reporting capabilities, and iOS apps to bring the software right into the classroom. Data captured in PlascoTrac helps administrators make informed decisions on the success of their positive behavior and discipline policies.

With PlascoTrac, schools have an efficient way to manage school attendance, tardy tracking, and more. It can also be used to manage field trips, extra curricular activities, tutoring, and activities that take students off-campus. PlascoTrac provides a feeling of safety, security, and discipline without creating a prison-like environment. Ultimately, how you use the student tracking software is limited to the goals and expectations you set for students.

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Using PlascoTrac to Track and Reinforce Positive Behavior

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) programs are being implemented at school districts nationwide. PlascoTrac student tracking software supports these programs by eliminating manual tracking procedures. PlascoTrac automates the collection of data by scanning a student's ID card to track and instantly recognize positive behavior. As soon as a student is ''caught'' doing something good, PlascoTrac prints a notification for the student with a designated reward.

PlascoTrac helps schools reach their program goals by providing consistency and accuracy in the data collection process with reporting tools that help administrators evaluate results.

''PlascoTrac is the only system of its kind that allows schools to not just capture, but also analyze this data and make information-based decisions versus assumptive decisions in regards to their student merit or discipline policies. With this information, we can make adjustments on the fly, and truly optimize our policies...thereby, assisting our schools and our district to radically improve our school performance.''

- Dr. Nikolai Vitti, Assistant Superintendant, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

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With PlascoTrac Mobile, You are Free to Roam About Campus

PlascoTrac Mobile gives schools the ability to be in multiple places at one time. It works with the student tracking software to track activity via a portable handheld device with a thermal printer.

The mobile devices have a built-in infrared scanner that can read barcodes on student ID cards. If an ID card isn't available, a simple look-up function finds a student record and prints a pass. Data from the mobile devices is sync'd to the central database.

PlascoTrac Mobile is ideal for:

  • Hall sweeps
  • Student verification around campus
  • Schedule look-up
  • Detention room compliance
  • Remote tracking at special events

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Free iOS Apps Allow You to Bring PlascoTrac into the Classroom

One of the challenges many schools face is the need to bring behavior tracking into the classroom. Purchasing hardware for every teacher in a school or district would be cost prohibitive for schools, but the tablet-based Classroom app allows teachers and administrators to track student behavior on the devices they already own.

Administrators have control of all permissions and devices to secure student records. Teachers have access to their classes, rosters, student demographic information, and available actions. Updates in PlascoTrac Classroom are automatically sync'd with the central database.


  • Easily track students individually or as a group
  • Easily view student data
  • View data across a district (if your permissions allow)
  • Manage class rosters based on student/teacher schedule

Additional Value:

  • Free download for all teachers and administrators
  • Seamlessly integrates with all versions of PlascoTrac
  • Friendly licensing plans allow for use across all classrooms

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Access PlascoTrac in Any Browser with PlascoTrac Web for Teachers

PlascoTrac Web allows you to track students anywhere you have a network connection. Designed with input from thousands of teachers and administrators, the interface is intuitive and seamlessly integrated with PlascoTrac and several Student Information Systems.

There's nothing to install and there's little or no setup required for teachers. As teachers and administrators use PlascoTrac Web, all data flows back to the central database in real time, providing instant visibility to student behavior, including at-a-glance visual reports of trends, top 10 lists, watch lists, and even cross-school, cross-classroom comparisons.


  • No installation required on teacher computer or devices
  • Easily track students individually or as a group (no pass printing via the web)
  • Easily view student data
  • Easy access to the PlascoTrac Dashboard

Need help? Ask a PlascoTrac K-12 Consultant. (800) 396-1615 or Chat live

Always Know Who's on Your Campus with the Visitor Management Add-On

PlascoTrac Visitor Management Software is available as a system add-on or as a stand-alone application. It manages who is coming on and off campus. Unlike lobby management applications that were created for corporate and government use, PlascoTrac Visitor is designed specifically for K-12 schools. Know who is on campus and what level of clearance they have at a moment's notice.


  • Manage front-office security and the visitor sign-in process
  • Classify multiple visitor types such as parents, volunteers, vendors, subs, and employees
  • Capture and store photos for all visitors
  • Key in visitor information or scan driver license to populate fields
  • Name a host/escort and identify designated access areas if applicable
  • Quickly print a temporary ID badge for each visitor
  • Set up watch lists to flag unwanted visitors
  • Import third party law enforcement watch lists to identify registered sex offenders
  • Send a discreet instant message to security when an unwanted visitor arrives
  • Available as a stand-alone application or as an add-on to any PlascoTrac Software

Need help? Ask a PlascoTrac K-12 Consultant. (800) 396-1615 or Chat live