ID Card Printers utilize dye-sublimation technology which uses a color or monochrome ribbon rather than ink or toner. A ribbon is not included with the printer due to range of options available depending on the printer application. The most common ribbon is the full color (YMCKO) ribbon, used for printing full color on the front and/or back of cards. Each ribbon prints a fixed number of prints so you always know how many cards you can print per ribbon (if printing dual-sided cards, one print is required for each side of the card).

There are also a variety of specialty ribbons that include additional or alternative panels to serve a specialized purpose. Each panel is designated by a single letter. For example, a YMCKO ribbon is made up of a Y (yellow), C (cyan), M (magenta), K (black resin), and an O (overlay or topcoat) panel. Other ribbons may include just a single panel (referred to as monochrome ribbons) such as a single K (black) panel. These ribbons are popular when printing black text or a barcode onto a pre-printed card (such as a name onto a membership card). Ribbons also may include specialty panels such as F or UV panels that print a pattern that fluoresces under ultra-violet light for added security (Note: This ribbon type is only available with select printers).

Common types of ribbons and their common uses include:
-YMCKO - Full color ribbon: Commonly used for printing full color cards (single or dual-sided)
-YMCKOK - Full color ribbon with additional black panel: For printing dual-sided cards with a full color front and only black on the backside. More economical than using a full color ribbon for both sides if only black is required.
-Monochrome Ribbons - Only print a single color. Commonly used when printing a single color on a pre-printed card; for example, printing a customer name on a pre-printed membership card.


Datacard YMCKT Ribbon For CD810 Printers - 500 prints

Our Price: $157.50
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Datacard YMCKTKT Color Ribbon For CD810 Printers

Our Price: $232.25
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Blank cards are required for your printer. Cards are available in two types of material, PVC & PVC-PET Composite). PVC cards are suitable for standard direct-to-card printers without lamination. Due to the high heat produced in retransfer printers & laminating printers, composite PVC-PET cards are required to prevent warping when used in those types of printers. Each card type is available in a variety of forms including standard blank CR8030 cards, as well as magnetic stripe or proximity & RFID technology.

CR80.30 Composite PVC-PET Cards - Qty. 500

Our Price: $96.00
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CR80.30 High Coercivity Mag Stripe Composite PVC-PET Cards - Qty. 500

Our Price: $121.60
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ValuProx 125kHz ISO PVC-PET Prox Cards - 26-Bit - Qty. 10

Our Price: $49.45
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ValuProx 125kHz ISO PVC-PET Prox Cards w/ Mag Stripe - 26-Bit - Qty 10

Our Price: $49.75
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HID 1586 ISOProx II PVC-PET Cards - PROGRAMMED - Qty. 100

Our Price: $507.00
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HID 1536 DuoProx II PVC-PET Cards w/ Mag Stripe - PROGRAMMED - Qty 100

Our Price: $529.00
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Cameras & Equipment

Capture uniform, professional-looking ID photos for your ID cards by adding a camera, tripod, and/or backdrop to your printer bundle. TWAIN-compliant cameras allow you to instantly and efficiently view and edit ID photos within your ID card software. Our extensive lineup of cameras offer features such as high-resolution image capture, live image preview, auto zoom, face recognition, synchronized LED flash, and more.

Credential Cam Photo ID Camera

Our Price: $119.00
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Credential Cam Pro Photo ID Camera

Our Price: $479.00
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Credential Cam Pro Plus Photo ID Camera

Our Price: $699.00
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Photo ID Backdrop System

Our Price: $169.00
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Aluminum Tripod

Our Price: $24.95
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Canon Rebel T6 Camera with TWAIN Driver & Face Finder

Our Price: $749.00
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Protect your investment with custom-made dust covers. Perfect protection for when your printer is not in use.

Dust Cover

Dust Cover - Datacard CD810 & SD360 Printers

Our Price: $32.95
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Streamline your ID card program with cloud-based software to help you create professional-looking employee ID badges. Easily print barcode labels, conveniently replicate data on both sides of your card, enjoy real-time previews using real data, and more.

CloudBadging ID Card Software

Our Price: $0.00
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Printer & Software Training

Need help setting up your printer or creating the perfect ID card template? We offer printer and software training to walk you through a wide variety of topics including software installation assistance, ID card design, database management, and ID card printing.

Printer or Software Training - Via Phone and/or Web - 1 Hour Increments

Our Price: $150.00
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Printer Support Plans

Protect your investment with a comprehensive extended warranty plan to protect your printers beyond the manufacturer's warranty period. Each extended warranty plan includes FREE parts and labor services from our Toll-free, in-house technical support team who are fully trained to diagnose, repair, and service all printers to ensure you receive expert advice and support when you need it most.

Extended Warranty Plan - CD810 Printer

Our Price: $312.00
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