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CardExchange CE5010 Software Description

Easy to use interface

CardExchange Entry ID software features a familiar look and feel that is based on MS Office. The intuitive user-interface allows you to start your card production with just four simple clicks. Select the card layout, the cardholders name, take a picture and print a card. The four-click interface offers the possibility to manage an unlimited number of different card layouts, plus every card layout can have its own unique database connection or printer selection. By clicking the desired layout all the required settings are loaded and managed by CardExchange Entry. To make things even easier, CardExchange Entry features "Guru Peedy" powered by Microsoft Agent 2.0. This technology enables user interaction that can make learning how to use CardExchange Entry easier and more natural. When you need assistance with any software function such as creating or loading a card layout the CardExchange "Guru" can provide step-by-step instruction to help you accomplish the desired task - similar to the cheerful winking paper-clip "Clippy" we are all used to seeing in Microsoft Office.

Basic database connections

CardExchange Entry supports simple connections to a database. With the Entry edition you can easily connect to an MS Excel or CSV file by utilizing the user-friendly database connection wizard. YOu can also maintain your MS Excel file within CardExchange, meaning you can use the software to insert and update new records. Because MS Excel has no functionality to generate unique keys, the Entry edition introduces the first unique number generator for MS Excel files.

Advanced filter functionality

The Entry edition offers easy functionality to search and filer data from your connected databases. Within CardExchange Entry the powerful search functionality can auto-fill the name list. Just start typing the desired name and the list will show the results directly. The flexible filter technology ensures that CardExchange can conform with your requirements in respect to the performance and protection of your data.

Optional PhotoExchange Add-on

PhotoExchange(R) allows camera support into CardExchange Entry, allowing you to control Canon cameras, use Logitech web cameras, or any other DirectShow-supporting camera, inside your CardExchange software. Based on live view, PhotoExchange enables you to take high-quality photos in a quick, easy-to-use, stable way. PhotoExchange is available in two editions - Standard and Pro. Pro includes face recognition technology so no cropping or editing of photos is needed.

Easy to install and upgrade

Installing CardExchange Entry on your computer is easy! The trial version is simply downloaded, where you'll have access to the complete feature set of all CardExchange editions for 42 days. Take this time to explore the functionality each edition offers. When you decide to purchase CardExchange, simply order a license for the edition that you like, activate it, and start working. It's that easy! Plus everything that you configured when using the trial version will still be there for you. That means you can use every card layout, database connection, etc. that you created in the demo mode and do not have to redo anything. Additionally, if your ID application changes or expands and you need to upgrade for additional features again, simply purchase the appropriate upgrade license to activate the additional features - the additional features will simply be unlocked in your current software!

CardExchange CE5010 Software Specifications

Printing Capability Full-color one-sided or two-sided (duplex) capabilities
Batch printing
Database CSV/Text and MS Excel file connection
Encoding 1-D (linear) barcodes
Magnetic encoding options
Card Management Import images
Add signatures
Integrated photo capture
Add unlimited data fields
Options Upgrade to Premium, Professional, or Ultimate editions
Software Training - customized training makes getting up and running quick and easy
System Requirements Dual Core processor with 1024 Mb RAM (not required but recommended)
200Mb of free disk space
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher
MS Windows XP with Service Pack 3
MS Windows Vista (32- & 64-bit) with Service Pack 2
MS Windows 7 (32- & 64-bit)

CardExchange CE5010 Software Support & Downloads

Technical Support

Our team is able to assist you 7:30am-4:00pm CT, Monday-Friday.
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