Idenge™ Mobile Membership
and Loyalty Cards

User Management

Easy design templates create personalized mobile badges

Push Updates

Push updates: change any mobile card info remotely, anytime

Change Card Design

Change your mobile ID design by season or on specific dates

Apple Wallet & Google Pay Compatibility

No new App! Cards are stored on Apple or Google mobile wallets

Operating Systems

Automatic detection of user's operating system (iOS/Android)

Barcode Compatibility

Compatible with 1D/2D barcodes, including QR codes

Push/Geolocation Messages

Send iOS notifications to individual users or groups

Give Customers a Digital Membership Card Experience

Digital Cards: A new way to engage with customers & members

Offer customers the choice to store membership or loyalty cards on their smartphone, without a complex implementation for you.

Integrate Idenge with third-party software with a basic API feed or use it with an internal database.

Communicate to iOS customers anytime you want, as frequently as you want. With push notifications, they're a captive audience ready to engage back!

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Try a full-featured version of Idenge for FREE! After 90-days, choose the user tier right for you. If you aren’t ready to purchase, you simply end your trial.

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