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Bear Badge
By: Christina N.

These little badge holders are popular among nurses because they are made of items we use every day. It is an upcycled recycled badge idea because the flip off lids that you see are removed from medication vials before drawing up the medication and are normally thrown away. We reuse them.

1 votes

America We Love You
By: Debbie W.

How about this patriotic badge reel. We can show or American Pride. This is an aluminum covered button which is covered with patriotic fabric. The button is firmly attached to a standard badge reel that extends 22 inches.

14 votes

Shady Lady
By: Debbie K.

Artificial flower, happy face, rhinestones, and sunglasses. HOW FUN.

20 votes

Flower Power
By: Erin B.

Need a little spring to get you through your day. This design is handmade of ceramic. Each piece is formed, smoothed, painted, fired, glazed, and fired again before assembly. Each badge reel comes with a large, handmade ceramic bead, a silver charm, and a little bling. Ceramic material is durable and easily cleaned when needed.

13 votes

Pink Cheetah Bloom
By: Nancy J.

Decorated Flattened Bottle Caps with Resin Flower.

212 votes

Zebra Swirl
By: Katie K.

Personalized and covered in mylar. This badge reel can be wiped clean.

26 votes

Vintage Cupcake
By: Sofia S.

Pretty little vintage cupcake, attractive, fun, stylish.

1 votes

Rose Cream Crochet Flower Badge Reel
By: Amy D.

I love making these super cute reels. The flower is entirely handmade by me, including a crocheted cotton thread flower and a hand pressed fabric button center.

147 votes

Awww Nuts Happy Squirrel Badge Reel
By: Amy D.

My customers love this happy little squirrel and his yummy find. Super cute any time of year. My reels are meticulously tested and I continually work on perfecting my process.

36 votes

By: Candace E.

This "bug" was molded in a textured candy mold with epoxy resin.

79 votes

Bleeding Heart
By: Candace E.

The red glitter was molded in a heart shaped silicone mold with epoxy resin.

6 votes

Turquoise Badge Necklace
By: Liz G.

A beautiful centerpiece of turquoise is nestled in a silver setting and suspended from a silver chain. Wear it with your ID attached to the silver retractable ring or alone as a lovely necklace.

9 votes

Rose Perfection
By: Liz G.

Lovely hearts and rhinestones in two shades of pink float above a pink ring that is retractable. A beautiful piece of jewelry that just happens to hold your ID.

12 votes

An Apple a Day
By: Mary B.

This colorful badge reel was made with large and medium medicine vial caps with sticker embellishments added. The reel rotates 360 degrees so it is able to attach to your clothing at any angle.

557 votes

Queenly Peacock
By: Gerold T.

A gorgeous peacock centered and embellished with a large red stone and multi colored rhinestones.

177 votes

A Little Girly Bling
By: Debra M.

This badge reel is made with 100% cotton fabric that is stretched over a padded button. It is surrounded by iridescent sequins.

1 votes

Graceful Elegance
By: Debra M.

This reel was made using 100% cotton fabric that was monogrammed and stretched over a padded button. A little bit of personalized class to add to your outfit.

13 votes

Day of the Dead
By: Christine F.

Polymer clay base decorated with polymer clay cane slices and sculpted polymer clay.

271 votes

Kanzashi Flower Badge Reel
By: Kim Ar.

Adorable badge reel or id holder in a kanzashi fabric flower. The fabric flower measures 2-2.5 inches in diameter and is mounted on a 1.25 inch badge reel. Each badge reel is clear in the back so it will never clash with your flower or your outfit. The badge reels feature a spring clip that rotates 360 degrees, so it can be attached to your clothing at any angle, keeping your ID straight.

34 votes

Ruby Red Crystal Badge Reel
By: Kim Al.

This Ruby Crystal Badge reel has a Ruby Swarovski faceted chessboard round crystal surounded by black cord on a chrome and black plastic badge reel. This badge reel is sturdy, yet light weight.

8 votes

Zebra Stripes
By: Kim Al.

This Zebra Striped badge reel has a black and white plastic cabochon surounded by black twisted cord on a chrome and black plastic badge reel. It is sturdy, yet light weight.

11 votes

The Cutest and Happiest Daisy ID Badge Reel Ever Created
By: Jema W.

This ID badge reel was created using a super cute fabric featuring a red and green daisy surrounded by black and white flowers. A smaller button was added to the snap to give it an extra pop.

2015 votes

Hoot Hoot Owl Badge Reel
By: Corrine B.

Fabric covered badge reel featuring a cute and wise old owl.

32 votes

By: Melissa G.

This BadgeBloom features a hand painted design using a one of a kind technique that produces amazing depth and shine. A truly unique piece!

2017 votes