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Datacard Group Launches Two New Retransfer ID Card Printers

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SR200smallDatacard Group has announced the launch of two new ID card printers: the Datacard SR200 and SR300 retransfer card printers. Both printers were unveiled at the ISC West International Security Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas, March 24-26, 2010.

The SR200 printer is ideal for single-sided applications, while the SR300 printer offers dual-sided printing and also encodes smart card chips and magnetic stripes. The optional laminator can apply topcoats or laminates to help extend card life and enhance card security.

SR200Both printers produce full-color, over-the-edge printing in single- or dual-sided applications. They print on the retransfer material before applying the image to the card, allowing you to print on a variety of materials, including PVC, ABS, PET, PET-G, and polycarbonate. To minimize unwanted dye transfer, cards are processed in landscape orientation. They reproduce a wide color gamut, which improves image gradation, tonal reproduction, and image contrast.

For added security, the printers protect cards and ribbons with electronic locks and an erase feature blocks out black text on used ribbons to obscure cardholder data.

Printer Enhancement Summary
The SR200 / SR300 printers are much like their predecessor, the RP90 Plus E card printer, but with the following enhancements:

  • Electronic locks which control access to the input card hopper, ribbon and transfer film
  • Support for a Kensington® lock
  • Black panel security erase on all non- Peel Off ribbons
  • Optional single-side laminator (LM200) along with dual-side laminator (LM300)
  • Wireless infrared interface between the printer and the laminator
  • Reduced weight by 20 lbs and footprint by 15 sq in
  • 28% lower base model list price

Retransfer printing produces high quality results, while the compact design makes this technology affordable. Look for an announcement from ID Wholesaler when the Datacard SR200 and SR300 printers are available for purchase. In the meantime, feel free to browse ID Wholesaler’s selection of Retransfer ID Printers.

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