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Download A FREE 30-Day Trial of CardExchange Visitor Software

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Looking for a software solution to keep your visitors moving swiftly and proactively throughout your facility? Consider CardExchange Visitor Management Software. If you want to try this feature-rich Download a Free CardExchange Visitor Management Software Trial Now!identification management software out, you can download a 30-day free trial that gives you access to all of the software’s capabilities.

With CardExchange Visitor Management, you can take maximum control of your visitor program while you minimize security risks throughout your organization. Just a few simple steps will get your visitors registered and authorized so you can manage and track all of your facility’s visitors.

Available in three scalable editions – Enter, Standard, and Business – this software is designed for single-user, single-environment licenses (Enter and Standard) plus multi-user, multi-location environments (Business). It has a user-friendly Microsoft-Office interface that puts the power to easily register, monitor, and manage all of the visitors to your facility at your fingertips!

If the complexity of your business requirements increases at any time, an upgrade fast and easy. Best of all, if your card program requirements change over time or if additional functionality is needed, CardExchange Software upgrades are quick and convenient.

Quick Tip Try all the features and functionality of CardExchange software with your free trial. Design cards, build a database, add fields, and much more — all of your work carries over when you purchase a full license! 

See for yourself how easy to use CardExchange Visitor Management Software is! Have questions about ID card software? Talk to an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 x2 or chat now.

Just Launched: CardExchange Visitor Software

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The Flexible and Responsive Visitor Management Solution

CardExchange recently launched the latest addition to their suite of identity management software solutions: CardExchange Visitor ID Card Software.

The software is currently available in three scalable editions – Enter, Standard, and Business  – designed for single user, single environment licenses (Enter and Standard) and multi-user, multi-location environments (Business). CardExchange Visitor offers a user-friendly Microsoft-Office Shop CardExchange Visitor Softwarelayout and interface, putting the power to easily register, monitor, and manage all of the visitors to your facility at your fingertips!

With CardExchange Enter Software, you get all of these features:

  • Limitless record creation
  • Pre-registration
  • Return visitor look-up and data access
  • Built-in image capture support
  • Badge template library
  • Versatile design tools

If your business requirements become more complex over time, upgrading to CardExchange Standard is quick and simple. The Standard edition includes:

  • On-demand reporting
  • Create events
  • Pre-register groups and events
  • Set expiration dates/times for visitor badges
  • Visitor vehicle registration
  • Group visitor batch check-in
  • Signature capture support
  • ID scan auto-populate and record look-up

If your business is multi-location and you want to consolidate your entire visitor management operation, CardExchange Visitor Business Master License provides an affordable streamlined solution. The Business edition includes:

  • Networked data management
  • SMTP email integration
  • Event management
  • Visitor watch lists
  • Import CSV files
  • Define user and user group permissions
  • Advanced visitor and event reporting
  • Kiosk Client compatible

Control each location simultaneously while you reduce security risks with ease and CardExchange Visitor Management Software Kiosk Clientconvenience. With Visitor Business, you can leverage one application to identify, authorize, badge, and track the whereabouts of all of your visitors and events.

You can even add as many additional licenses as your program requires and add a secure self-service Kiosk Client to more effectively manage visitor registration backlog. The all-in-one kiosk includes a 12” touch screen monitor and enables visitors to check themselves in or out with a pre-registration barcode. Visitors can even register and create a new visitor record on their own, saving them time and you resources.

Note: The kiosk cannot be used as a stand-alone visitor management solution. It can only be used in a networked environment using a Business Master license.

If you’d like to learn more about CardExchange Visitor Management Software, just contact one of our seasoned ID Professionals today at (800) 321-4405 x2 or chat now. We’re here to help!

What is the Best ID Card Software?

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At ID Wholesaler, we carry and support all of the major ID card design software brands, and we are experts in each brand! We also carry tracking software, but today, we’ll focus specifically on the design software.

My customers who are new to ID card printing often ask me: “Ryan, what’s the best ID card software to use for great-looking and professional-grade IDs?” Well, first things first.

Regardless of which brand of ID card design software you choose, it’s important to know is that there are three main categories that offer different features to consider:

Entry-Level (also called “Design Software”) – This level is very limited and ideal for printing basic cards with no need to maintain a card record database.Browse Entry-Level ID Card Software

  • Single workstation installation (no networking)
  • No outside database connections; data needs to be manually typed in
  • Batch printing not available; cards will need to be printed one at a time
  • Limited to a database of only 200 records
  • Add a 1D barcode or encode magnetic stripes

Mid-Level (also called “Design & Save” Software) – Our most popular software level and an optimal choice for organizations requiring external database capability, including the ability to save and search cardholder records.Browse Mid-Level ID Card Software

  • Single workstation installation (no networking)
  • Print cards in batches or one at a time
  • Connect to an outside database
  • Add a 1D or 2D barcode
  • Encode magnetic stripes
  • Work with unlimited record storage

Fully-Featured (also called “Design, Save & Network”) – The right choice for a corporate environment with multiple locations, flexible database requirements, and/or advanced card encoding.Browse Fully-Featured ID Card Software

  • Combines all the features of the first two levels with options to connect to more types of databases (this varies by brand)
  • Connect multiple copies of the software over a network so each workstation can communicate and see updates/changes
  • Add 1D or 2D barcodes
  • Encode magnetic stripe and smart cards
  • Enhanced security features

So What is the Best ID Card Software?
Ultimately, that will depend on what your organization’s specific ID card or badging requirements are. The good news is that ID Professionals like me have years of experience and can ask the right questions to make the decision very easy for you.

Personally, I have to admit that I have two favorites: CardExchange and Asure ID. Both are designed to look and “feel” like a Microsoft Office interface, so it’s a familiar layout and architecture for me. Because both are also very user-friendly and intuitive, it makes designing and creating ID cards fun, fast, and easy.

No matter which brand you end up choosing, my recommendation is to go with the mid-level option. The batch printing and database features will make your ID card printing application more efficient and streamlined.

Be sure to also consider ongoing software support plans, as well as Software Training for help guiding you through the initial set-up.

If you are unsure which software might work best for your organization, I recommend “test driving” it with a free 30-day trial. You can design cards, build a database, add fields, and more — your work carries over when you purchase a full license!

For assistance with choosing the right ID card software, call a knowledgeable ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 x2 or chat now. We can help ensure that you get into the correct solution based on your needs.

How to Add QR Codes to ID Cards

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What is a QR code?

QR (quick response) codes are unique, two-dimensional (2D) barcodes that hold information and data. Compared to a one-dimensional (1D) barcode which can hold up to 25 characters, QR codes are capable of housing over 4,000 alphanumeric characters in a single defined area.

QR code popularity is a direct result of this technology’s flexibility, ease of use, and endless usage possibilities.  With the evolution and augmentation of smartphones and the availability of QR code-scanning barcode apps in the marketplace today, QR codes serve an important function in social media, networking, and online marketing campaigns.

How to Use QR Codes on ID Cards

So, what does this mean to you and your ID card program? The vast majority of companies require Shop ID Card Softwareemployees, contractors, and temporary employees to wear ID badges, for visual security, access control, or both. For an additional layer of tracking and security, organizations incorporate the use of barcodes on ID cards.

By putting a QR code on a photo ID card or badge, you can instantly retrieve data from that ID credential. This streamlines time and attendance tracking, security access control, membership data verification, and much more.

Adding QR codes to your ID issuance program is as easy as finding the right ID card software. Four of the leading ID card software brands we carry have the ability to add these codes to ID cards, including:

  • Asure ID: Express, Enterprise, and Exchange
  • CardExchange: Professional and Ultimate
  • Jolly Technologies: Standard and Premier
  • CardPresso: XS, XM, XL, and XXL

The ID card software editions above offer 30-day free trials which allow you to “test drive” the features and functionality before you buy. If purchased, all of your work carries over when you purchase a full license! 

For more information about QR codes or to discuss adding them to your ID card program, call an ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405 x2 or chat now. We’re here to help!

How Do I Add a Barcode to My ID Badges?

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In the ID industry, barcodes represent an easy, convenient, and very affordable way of semi-covertly printing information onto an ID card. This information can be a serial number or an account number. In Barcodeaddition, barcodes can easily be combined with other card technologies, such as a magnetic stripe or a proximity card.

The primary advantage of using a barcode in a name badge is the ability to quickly retrieve information from a card like the identity of the user. Used in tandem with a barcode reader, barcode usage streamlines processes and increases efficiencies by:

  • eliminating input errors
  • dramatically increasing accuracy
  • significantly accelerating the authentication and check-in process

Any ID card printer can print a barcode, and there’s no special equipment needed. You simply need some type of software to generate the barcode and a barcode reader. Most entry-level and mid-level ID card software programs support a variety of standard 1D barcode types, including UPC, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128, or Code 39.Shop ID Card Software

Generally speaking, 2D barcodes are more commonplace in mid-level to fully-featured ID card software. Examples of 2D barcodes include Quick Response (QR) codes, PDF417, or MaxiCode.

Most ID card software programs allow for adding barcodes to ID cards. The most user friendly program for adding the barcode feature is the software application CardExchange. It offers 2D barcodes in its Professional and Ultimate versions.

HID’s Asure ID Express will allow for sequential numbering of barcodes and even automatic population based on the entry of another field, which dramatically increases the speed of your card production process.

The type of barcode you choose will depend on your application and the amount of data you’ll need in the barcode. No matter what industry you are in, adding a barcode is an easy way to add security to your ID card application.

For greater, more comprehensive security, many organizations implement “barcode mask” ID cards. These cards provide an area with a “black mask” or “veil” to prevent unauthorized copying of the code.

To explore your barcode options based on your current ID card program, trust an ID Professional to help you select the one that’s best suited for your organization’s needs. Call us today at (800) 321-4405 x2 or chat now.

Download A FREE 30-Day Trial of CardExchange Software

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If you’re trying to decide which ID software you need to take your card issuance program to the next level, consider a trial download of CardExchange. In a free 30-day trial, you’ll have access to the full suite Download a Free CardExchange Trial Now!of CardExchange capabilities.

CardExchange Solutions ID Card Software helps you create professional-looking credentials in only four clicks. It offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface with easy drag-and-drop mapping for efficient and simplified card design.

CardExchange software is available in three editions, and each provides increasingly powerful tools:

  • Go – This entry-level software offers an improved engine for faster software start up, user interface updates, a 200-record internal database, and improved functionality.
  • Professional – As a mid-level software, you’ll get unlimited database records, advanced filter technology, and signature capture capability.
  • Ultimate – This fully-featured edition provides document scanning functionality, biometric device support, advanced photo options, group and user management, and contactless power on demand.

Best of all, if your card program requirements change over time or if additional functionality is needed, CardExchange Software upgrades are quick and convenient.

Quick Tip Try all the features and functionality of CardExchange software with your free trial. Design cards, build a database, add fields, and much more — all of your work carries over when you purchase a full license! Note: a watermark will be printed on all cards printed with your trial software.

Download your free CardExchange trial now and see for yourself how easy to use CardExchange software is! Have questions about ID card software? Talk to an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 x2 or chat now.

3 Tips for Choosing the Right ID Card Software

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ID Card SoftwareMost people focus primarily on the printer when purchasing their first ID card system. This is natural as it is usually the most expensive part of your system.

One of the most commonly overlooked items with new users is the ID card software they are choosing to use. We strongly encourage you to put as much effort into choosing your ID card software as you do your printer. After all, it is the program that is used every time you need to make a card.

Here are three easy ste ps to choosing the ID software that is right for you.

1. Determine what you’ll need your ID card software to do

Almost all software manufacturers have three versions. These versions can be broken into three categories:

  • Basic – card design software
  • Database – card design plus the ability to save cardholder records
  • Professional – card design, save records, and network

Determining if you just need to make cards, save cards, do a batch print, or have multiple printing stations will help you know where to start.

2. Choose an ID card software brand

There are a lot of brands out there, and most offer a free trial. Take advantage of the free ID card software trials and make sure that you like the look and feel of the software program. We are strong advocates of the “try it before you buy it” approach.

3. Check the specifications

Take one final look at the product’s specifications and make sure they meet your software needs. Also be sure to check the requirements of your PC and operating system.

Following these three simple steps will ensure your overall satisfaction with your card design program, and your ID system as a whole. If you have any questions on a particular program or brand, please contact an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 x 2.