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The Magicard ID Card Printer Bundles are Here!

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Magicard ID Card Printer BundlesMagicard offers pre-packaged bundles for their most popular edge-to-edge ID card printers, including the Pronto, Enduro+, and Rio Pro. Each all-inclusive bundle provides the supplies you need to get your ID card printing program off to a productive start:  color ribbon, PVC cards, ID card software, and a cleaning kit.

With Magicard’s exclusive HoloKote feature, print a watermark without having to purchase expensive holographic laminate. The watermark is printed during the normal card printing cycle using the “O” panel of a standard color ribbon. When viewing the card at an angle, the HoloKote watermark is clearly visible and can be easily enables or disabled in the printer driver.

All of the Magicard direct-to-card printer bundles offer dependable, high-quality photo ID card production, and each printer model has its own unique features and benefits:

  • The Pronto Single-Sided Printer Bundle offers easy-to-use, hand-fed single-sided card printing for on-demand applications. In addition to standard dye-sublimation and thermal resin cards, the Pronto printer is also capable of rewrite printing which allows you to print, erase, and reprint cards for efficiency and cost-savings.
  • The Enduro+ Single-Sided and Enduro+ Duo Dual-Sided Bundles are the optimal choice for medium-sized companies. It offers optional upgrades for Ethernet connectivity and magnetic stripe and/or smart card encoding if your organization decides to combine your photo ID application with access control, time and attendance tracking and more.
  • The Rio Pro Single-Sided and Rio Pro Duo Dual-Sided Bundles are ideal when your card program requires the need for reliable, high-volume printing. In addition to standard Ethernet connectivity, these printers feature built-in visual security with standard or custom HoloKote, so no lamination module is required. They’re also upgradeable and can be ordered with magnetic stripe and/or smart card encoding capabilities so you can simultaneously write data to your cards while you print them.

To learn more about the new Magicard printer bundles, call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405.

Read Magicard Card Printer Reviews Before You Buy

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If you’ve narrowed your search for an ID card printer to the Magicard brand, you can’t go wrong! Customers are attracted to Magicard’s industry-leading 3-year warranty (available on most models) and their patented HoloKote technology, a transparent watermark that is added during the regular printing process without any extra cost per print.

Magicard Card Printer ReviewsMany savvy online shoppers want to read Magicard card printer reviews before they buy. Many find that it is helpful to read about other user’s experiences to determine if the printer will work for them too. We’ve been offering product reviews for a number of years and Magicard printers have historically received high marks from users.

Magicard card printer reviews like the following are not uncommon:

“We have used Magicard Rio printers for many years. When it came time to replace our current ones, there was no other choice for us. The printers are fast and dependable especially during our high volume periods at the opening of each semester.”

      – TW from Rochester, NY (Magicard Rio Pro Duo Review)

“My last product was also a magicard printer which I got over 5 years of use with and was doing some very heavy printing with it at that time I bought it. So of course I wanted to buy another of the same brand and this one is also fantastic and I hope to get the same 5+ years out of this one as well.”

      – ChristineF from Farifield, NJ (Magicard Pronto Review)

“The printer worked fabuously for me. The free badging software is basic but adequate for our needs. The affordable price justified the low use by our organization.”

      – Gary from Eagle, CO (Magicard Rio Pro Duo Review)

If you’d like to discuss your Magicard card printer options with an ID Professional, give us a call at (800) 321-4405! We can help you narrow your search based on your specific needs.

Looking For the Driver or Firmware for Your Magicard Pronto?

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Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer

Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer

Optimize your printing with the latest Magicard Pronto drivers, firmware, and other downloads. You can always turn to ID Wholesaler for help! Below are some quick links you’ll need as a Pronto ID card printer owner:

Quick TipYou can also find this information for any of the ID card printers we sell and support in the “Support & Downloads” tab on each printer product detail page.

As always, if you still have questions, call one of our ID Professionals at (800) 321-4405.

Magicard Enduro & Pronto Printer Maintence Is Easier Than Ever

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Magicard has released a new firmware and driver update for its Pronto, Enduro, and Enduro Duo card printers. If you own a Magicard Enduro or Pronto and you haven’t been regularly checking the Magicard web-site for new versions of your card printer’s driver and firmware, you’ll want to download this recent update. The new upgrade will make maintaining your printer even more convenient than ever.

The new Magicard Updater Application firmware will automatically check for newer versions of printer firmware at periodic intervals. Once installed your card printer application will prompt you to download the newest version of the printer firmware when available. By keeping your Magicard  Pronto, Enduro, or Enduro Duo up to date with the latest version of its firmware, you will be able to optimize your printer’s performance and extend the life of your printer.

Download the new firmware and drivers from Magicard Technical Support.

Benefits of Magicard HoloKote and HoloKote FLEX

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standard-holokoteAll current Magicard printers offer a unique visual security option called HoloKote™ (excluding the all Prima printer models). HoloKote is a watermark style image that is visible only when the PVC card is held at an angle. The entry level Magicard printer models include a standard image when you purchase the printer (Pronto, Enduro, Enduro Duo). Below is an example of a card printed with HoloKote imaging in the standard “Key” pattern.

In addition to the standard HoloKote patterns, Magicard’s high end printers offer the ability to create a custom HoloKote FLEX™ Key. This upgradable option is available on select Magicard printers. The HoloKote FLEX key offers the ability to lock your printer and the ability to create a custom HoloKote image. In the past, the layout of the custom HoloKote image was restricted to a pattern where the image was repeated six times across the card in four rows (see below).

The HoloKote FLEX offers additional flexibility regarding the layout of your customized watermark image. HoloKote FLEX allows you to place a single larger image or company logo anywhere on the card. Below is an example of a card with the HoloKote FLEX custom watermark.


HoloKote is a cost efficient way to add visual security to your organization’s card. The standard HoloKote images are free. This is possible because the HoloKote image is created during the application of the O panel on a YMCKO or YMCKOK color ribbon. As a result, there are no additional printing costs. If you decide to create a unique HoloKote image with your company logo or desired text, there is a modest one-time set up charge for encrypting your custom artwork on a key.

HoloKote is recommended to government agencies, colleges, universities, ski areas, water parks, amusement parks or any organization looking for a cost efficient way to increase card security for identification or for season passes. For additional information including pricing and artwork requirements, contact a friendly ID Wholesaler ID Professional at (800) 321-4405.

Magicard Pronto – The Low-Volume, Low-Cost, High Value, On-Demand Card Printer

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magicard-prontoThe new entry-level, user friendly, and high value Magicard Pronto printer is now available for purchase. As previously announced, the Magicard Pronto is a hand-fed ID card printer that is ideal for low-volume, low cost, and on-demand card printing. The Pronto printer is available with magnetic stripe encoding capabilities so you can store information on the cards for various applications. With the Magicard Pronto printer, you can create multipurpose loyalty, membership, and access cards on a budget. More on Magicard Pronto Card Printer »

Magicard Pronto Has Compact Size, Extensive Printing Capability

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Magicard has announced the launch of a new compact and portable ID card printer, the Pronto. Magicard Pronto is a single card feed ID card printer, making it ideal for low volume, low cost, and on-demand card printing. The Pronto card printer offers the edge-to-edge high quality printing you need to print your employee ID cards, loyalty cards, membership cards and more. Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and Vista software drivers make the Magicard Pronto convenient and easy to use right out of the box.

If you want to add to the visual security of your ID card, Pronto includes HoloKote, Magicard’s unique cost-saving anti-counterfeiting watermark feature. With the Pronto card printer, you can apply one of the four free standard HoloKote designs to enhance the visual appearance of your ID cards and protect them against tampering and counterfeiting. The Pronto card printer uses its standard dye-film to print the watermark to eliminate the extra costs of additional printing materials.

The Magicard Pronto card printer will be great choice if you’re looking to buy an affordable entry-level card printer that can give you the photo identification solutions you need. Check back soon for the availability of the Magicard Pronto at ID Wholesaler.