From time to time we end up with extra inventory on some items. The following items are available in limited quantities at a substatial discount (most over 50% off!). Products are available in limited quantities. To check on the availability of these items, please contact your account manager or give us a call at 1-800-321-4405.

Part NumberProductPrice
081715-119Custom Thermal Transfer Film105.84
105909-048Eltron Thermal Printhead345.92
105912-708-LAZebra Cleaning Cartridge-P330i49.53
105912G-323Zebra Kit MAG Encoder Upgrade288.75
105927-233Zebra P640I Printhead 345.92
3633-0001Magicard Enduro Single Sided 934.13
3633-0026Magicard Enduro Dual Printer 1,139.67
3M-AT90003M AT9000 Full Page Reader1,319.06
41032Fargo Black CardJet Smartload48.07
41700Fargo Persona Cardjet C7627.38
44100-LOANERUsed Fargo DTC400 ID Card Printer, 920.31
44241Fargo DTC400 Premium Black KO Ribbon56.06
44401Persona C30 ID Card Printer, 1,155.00
47020Fargo DTC1000 ID Card Printer797.40
47020-LOANERUsed Fargo DTC1000 ID Card Printer600.00
47121-LOANERUsed Fargo DTC1000 with Ethernet & Magnetic Encoder1,500.00
47600-LAFargo DTC1000 ID Card Printer,760.95
48200Fargo DTC4000 ID Card Printer,1,248.02
49200Fargo DTC4500 Single Sided ID 1,377.17
49510Fargo DTC4500 Dual-Sided ID 3,141.79
50008-LA-DEMOFargo DTC1250e SS ID Card 722.68
50020-LOANERFargo DTC1250e SS ID Card 860.65
506339-003Datacard SD360 Duplex, 1,877.40
506339-994-LA-SPDatacard SD360 Print Engine 387.45
508754-001-LADatacard DuraShield (TM),Clear31.19
54100-LOANERFargo DTC400e ID Card Printer,934.72
54402-LOANERPersona C30e ID Card Printer, 1,311.23
547675-999Datacard Color Printhead - 404.31
552854-530Datacard YMCKT Short Panel 113.19
55400-LOANERFargo DTC4500e Dual-Sided ID 2,010.61
56400Persona C30e ID Card Printer, 1,035.01
564356-002Datacard YMCK-K Full Color 219.28
573579-099Datacard Sp55+, Single Sided 1,552.03
80.024-PM-BLU80.024,BLUE,CW,PM 24.68
80.024-PM-BLU-H80.024,BLUE,CW,PM,HOLE 26.67
80.030-GQ-HI-SLOT-H80.030,WHITE,FL,PP,GQ,2750 53.55
800015-180-LAZebra 4 Color Ribbon (YMCKK) 42.99
800015-7141.0 mil Clear Laminate Full 73.09
800015-714-LA1.0 mil Clear Laminate for 80.69
800015-904-LAZebra Blue Colored Resin 22.26
800015-907-LAZebra Silver Mono Resin Ribbon52.87
800033-848BRZebra IX Color Rbbn for ZXP 36.12
81722Fargo Polyguard Overlaminate 49.88
85817Fargo HDP825-LC Card Printer 5,189.99
86317Asure ID Enterprise 5.5 669.90
88000Fargo HDP600 ID Card Printer 3,084.80
88039-RFargo HDP600-LC, E-Card, Mag, 787.50
88082-RFargo HDP600-LC, USB, 8MB 787.50
88275Fargo HDP600-LC Card Printer- 5,037.90
88276-TARGETFargo HDP600-LC Card Printer 5,172.90
88550-DEMOFargo HDP8500 w/Flattener, DS 3,856.91
88900-LOANERFargo Lam Module - HDP5000 538.13
89000Fargo HDP5000 Single Sided ID 1,719.85
89003Fargo HDP5000 Dual-Sided ID 2,150.35
89003-LAFargo HDP5000 Dual-Sided ID 2,150.35
89011Fargo HDP5000 Single-Sided ID 1,833.01
89013Fargo HDP5000 Dual-Sided ID 2,406.56
89038Fargo HDP5000 Dual-Sidedw/Lam 4,087.17
89071Fargo HDP5000 Single Sided ID 1,585.62
89302-LAFargo HDP5000 SS Bundle 1,769.25
909-I-BLK-CRound Badge Reel - Black 0.29
91860Fargo DTC550-LC Card Printer 3,177.39
AK-INPHOTO-ID-PSinPhoto ID PS Software 134.40
CANON-EOS-XSCanon EOS Digital Rebel XS 588.78
DCCS-B4-5BG-DDebitek Cash to Card Machine 2,390.85
DCD-565993-003ID Works Tru Photo Software 517.74
DCD-573590-003Datacard SP75+Color Card Print3,698.54
DIK10013XID 440 Re-Transfer Printer w/4,181.36
DIK10211XID 570i Re-Transfer Printer 3,233.69
DIK10212XID 580i Re-Transfer Printer 3,635.89
DVIS-MDBDebitek Vending Machine Reader298.99
EPI-5.0-NPLA-SPEPISuite 5.0 Pro NP LAN 281.14
EPI-6.0-LAN-NPREPISUITE 6.0 LanStation w/ 317.17
EPI-UP-LITE-CLAUpgrade From EPISuite 5.5 Lite671.37
EPI-UPGRADE-PROUpgrade EPISuite 5.5 Pro 628.95
ESEEK-M250E-Seek M250 Mag Stripe, 2D 487.72
EVO-B22U0000RS-REvolis Badgy200 Card Printer 605.17
EVO-BDG101FRU-REvolis Badgy Card Printer 571.73
EVO-DUA301OCH-MEvolis Dualys3 Dual-Sided 1,623.14
EVO-DUA301OCU-LOANEREvolis Dualys3 Dual-Sided 1,257.90
EVO-E3001UEvolis Dualys Dual-Sided 1,535.10
EVO-E5001-GUEvolis Pebble3 Single-Sided 885.08
EVO-E5001-LUEvolis Pebble3 Single-Sided 964.86
EVO-E5001-RUEvolis Pebble3 Single-Sided 886.83
EVO-PBL401OCH-M-REvolis Pebble4 Single-Side Mag1,182.93
EVO-SEC101RBH-M-LOANEvolis Securion Printer 3,283.88
EVO-TTO201FRU-LOANERTattoo2 Basic ID Card Printer 583.80
EVO-ZN1H0ELYRSZenius Expert Smart - Red 1,242.68
ID-PLID-PL Thermal Labels 17.62
ITK38-D8L-USBITK38 Series Wide Format 1,142.40
KSK-ZEB-P1010455Kiosk Print Station 355.70
LP2824Zebra LP2824 Direct Thermal 201.21
M9006-287Magicard Opera Single Sided 518.05
M9006-749E-RMagicard Rio2e Single Side 1,045.13
M9006-751EMagicard Rio2e Single Sided 1,842.75
M9007-214EMagicard Tango +L ID Card 5,113.50
MET-MK498030B38-02-AMetrologic MS4980 Scanner 309.67
MOC-PR000296-LAMoca Single Sided Printer 567.00
N5-ELITECard Five Elite Software 824.51
P110I-000UC-IDO-LAZebra P110i ID Card Printer 1,084.39
P110I-0M10A-IDOZebra P110i ID Card Printer 1,131.90
P110I-0M10A-IDSZebra P110i ID Card Printer 1,017.88
P110I-0M1UA-ID0Zebra P110i Color Card Printer1,021.82
P110I-0M1UC-ID0Zebra P110i SS ID Card Printer1,100.57
P110M-0000A-IDOZebra P110m ID Card Printer 753.90
P120I-0000A-IDSZebra P120i ID Card Printer 1,183.26
P120I-0M10A-IDO-LAZebra P120i ID Card Printer 1,604.14
P120I-0M10A-IDSZebra P120i ID Card Printer 1,380.14
P330I-0M10A-IDO-LAZebra P330i ID Card Printer 1,532.84
P330I-BM10C-IDO-LAZebra P330i SS ID Card Printer2,027.24
P430I-0000A-IDO-LAZebra P430i ID Card Printer 1,758.59
P430I-0M10A-IDOZebra P430i ID Card Printer 1,845.90
P430I-0M10A-IDO-LAZebra P430i ID Card Printer 1,984.34
P430I-0M10C-IDO-LAZebra P430i ID Card Printer w/2,119.79
P430I-0M10C-IDO-LA-DEMOZebra P430i ID Card Printer w/2,130.25
P430I-U00AC-ID0Zebra P430i ID Card Printer 1,792.35
P520I-0000U-IDOZebra P520i ID Card Printer 2,937.90
P640I-0000A-IDOZebra P640i Dual Sided with 4,029.48
P640I-0M10A-IDOZebra P640i ID Card Printer 3,567.90
P640I-0M30A-IDGZebra P640i ID Card Printer 4,281.48
P640I-0M30A-IDOZebra P640i ID Card Printer 3,567.90
POL-1-401000-100Polaroid P4000E Color Printer 2,152.50
PP-381157-002HID-iClas SEOS 8K/iClss 2k Prx10.00
PR5100HEDNisca PR5100 Printhead 1,007.50
PR5200HEDNisca PR5200 Printhead 802.78
PR5201ISOHNisca ISO Compatible High/ 839.48
PR5300-RNisca PR5300 ID Card Printer 2,172.96
PR5302D-LOANERNisca Heat Roller (Lamination)923.54
PR5350-LOANERNisca PR5350 Card Printer 1,680.00
PR5360LE-DEMONisca PR5360LE SS Card Printer1,662.74
PRIMA465Magicard Prima Clr Patch 1 mil167.21
PTC-FA-600Transport Case for HDP 600 510.30
PTC-ZE-430Transport Case for P430i Prntr383.25
RDR-7082AKUAir ID 82 Series iClass USB 112.73
RS-CR-2RSI Magnetic Stripe Reader 113.40
SC-PVC-3X4Swift color 3"x4" PVC 0.79
SC-PVC-4X4Swift color 4"x4" PVC 0.79
SC-PVC-4X6Swift color 4"x6" PVC 1.00
SW-B-EDU-1STOPware EDU Scanner Bundle 1,842.75
SYM-PPT880-R3BZPPT 8800 Batch PDA with Window1,226.82
TURBOWEDGETurbo Wedge 1 Keyboard 110.25
UNI-MS146AUNI-MS146A Barcode Slot Reader53.70
VAL-7000-686PTZVALCAM Laptop Camera System 1,653.75
VALCAM-DEMOValcam ID System w/Pan,Tilt & 1,391.25
Z31-0M000000US00-LAZebra ZXP3 ID Card Printer 1,126.49
Z32-0000D000US00Zebra ZXP Series 3Card Printer1,314.71
Z32-A0000000US00Zebra ZXP3 Dual Sided Card 1,878.87
Z32-AM000000US00Zebra ZXP3 Card Printer 2,120.37
Z72-0M0CD000US00ZXP Series 7 Dual Sided w/ MAG1,623.65
Z82-0M0C0000US00-LAZebra ZXP8 Re-transfer Printer3,147.38
Z82-A00C0000US-LAZebra ZXP8 Re-transfer Printer3,407.25
ZEB-100069955K-CASE-LAZebra Z-Band Direct Wristband 191.70
ZEB-105950-060Zebra Kit-Power Supply Assembl106.21
ZEB-AT160041Zebra Lithium-Ion Battery (for52.84
ZEB-GX42-102512-150GX420Tw/cutter 540.11
ZEB-Z4M00-2001Zebra Z4mPlus Direct Thermal 1,206.16
ZEB-ZM40020010000TZebra Direct Thermal-Transfer 948.32

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