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Color Badge Holders

Shop Color Badge Holders for IDs

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of adding color to your ID badging program to match a school or company logo, color badge ID holders can also be used for more practical purposes. Color-coded applications provide a simple, cost-effective solution for visually classifying personnel or groups of visitors, and can also be used to signify various access levels within your facility. We carry flexible color badge holders with color bars or full-color frames, as well as durable, rigid colored plastic holders. Refine your results at the left to shop by style, insert size, color, or orientation.


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What Should I Know Before I Order a Color Badge Holder?

1820-12XXColor badge holders are a great way to easily identify groups of people, such as classifying levels of security or identifying visitors. There are a few important decisions you should make before placing an order for color badge holders.

Card size
Most importantly, you'll want to make sure that your card (and anything else that will be placed inside the holder) will fit inside the holder! Badge holders come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In general, color badge holders can be classified into these groups:
  • ID card size: holds a standard ID card size insert (credit card size)
  • Event size: larger than ID card size and generally either slightly more square, commonly used for conventions, or longer, commonly used for oversized event badges
Holder type
You'll need to decide if you prefer a flexible vinyl holder or an unbendable rigid badge holder. Rigid holders are ideal for protecting expensive proximity and smart cards, while flexible badge holders are typically used for standard ID cards.
Vertical or horizontal orientation
You also need to know if your card design has a horizontal or a vertical orientation.