Upgrade Your School ID Card Printer

Upgrading your ID card printer has many benefits, including adding functionality to the printer and your school IDs. Below are upgrade options to consider in your next printer to help you gain the biggest return on your investment.

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Upgrade Your School ID Printer

Learn what features you should consider when upgrading your printer

Add More Info or Data to Your Cards

Need to add more school or cardholder info to your ID cards? If you aren't already printing to both sides of the card, consider a dual-sided ID card printer so that the front of your cards remains clean and uncluttered.

Need to allow cardholders to enter the school, make lunchroom purchases, and/or checkout library books - all with their school ID card? There are few ways to add data to your cards:

  • Barcodes allow you to store small amounts of data on cards, in either 1-D linear codes or 2-D QR codes. While QR codes store more data and take up less space than linear codes, software with QR code capability is needed. Any ID card printer can create a barcode.
  • Magnetic stripes allow larger amounts of data to be stored directly to the card. You'll need a printer and software with mag encoding capability.
  • Smart cards offer the greatest amount of data storage and the highest level of data security. You'll need a printer and software with smart card encoding capability.

TIP: Each of our three recommended school ID printers offer dual-sided printing and card encoding options.



Print a High Volume of Cards

Not all ID card printers are capable of efficiently printing a large number of cards. High volume card printers feature larger input and output card hoppers and a higher print count per ribbon. With this, you can print larger quantities of cards with fewer interruptions to refill supplies.

TIP: Look for 200+ card input hoppers and high-capacity ribbons to double your productivity!



Network Your Card Printing Program

Another way to increase productivity is by networking multiple computers to your ID card printer. Ethernet connectivity allows you to increase the number of computers that are able to connect to the card printer.

TIP: WiFi connectivity is an emerging option in card printers, allowing you to print wirelessly from anywhere in the building!



Allow for Easy Upgrading When You Need It

If you're ready to upgrade to dual-sided printing, encoding, or WiFi now - or would like to in the future - you'll want to choose a printer that is easily upgradeable. With this, you can add these features as you need them and as your budget allows.



Secure Your Card Printing Program

Printer security features, such as password protection and physical locks, help minimize waste and prevent unauthorized use of your printer. Is there anything more important than safety and security?



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