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The HID Fargo INK1000 inkjet ID card printer is the next generation of desktop card printing. It's as easy to set-up and operates as your standard home office inkjet printer, down to its simple, snap-in ink cartridge. Forget about delicate ribbons and specialized cards, now you can create high-definition, edge-to-edge card designs typically more than twice the cost with older ID card printers! Ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses and schools, the INK1000 can even accommodate advanced card printing programs with an add-on encoding module.

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  1. 62000 image
    Fargo INK1000 Thermal Inkjet Card Printer - Single-Sided
    Item#: 62000
    Price $1,644.99 MSRP $1,712.00
    You Save: $67.01
    • Thermal inkjet ID card printing
    • Single-sided printing
    • Encoding options available
    • Warranty: 2 years
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  2. 70015 image
    Fargo INK1000XE Inkjet Card Printer - Single-Sided
    Item#: 70015
    Price $1,645.00 MSRP $1,712.00
    You Save: $67.00
    • Inkjet ID card printing
    • Single-sided printing
    • Up to 100 CPH (Cards Per Hour)
    • Warranty: 3 years
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What are the Key Features and Benefits of the Fargo INK1000?

HID Fargo INK1000 inkjet ID card printers offer enhanced simplicity and affordability when compared to older direct-to-card and retransfer card printing technology. Bringing the same ease-of-use found with familiar home office inkjet printers, the INK1000 creates hassle-free photo IDs for a low total cost of ownership. Ideal for cost-conscious businesses and schools, the Fargo 62000 INK1000 printer is ultra-reliable and low maintenance, so your card printing program doesn't become a large responsibility to manage. Print high quality corporate and visitor badges, student and faculty IDs, or gift and loyalty cards. The HID FARGO INK1000 features:

• High-quality, affordable inkjet card printing with no special card media required

• 600 dpi x 1200 dpi resolution

• Easy-to-install, snap-in ink cartridges

• A small footprint with convenient same-side input and output

• Optional contactless encoding

What's the Difference Between an Inkjet ID Card Printer and a Standard ID Card Printer?

A core differentiator when using an inkjet ID card printer like the Fargo INK 1000 can be found with its simplicity and reliability. Forget about delicate ribbons and films that produce excess waste through less efficient printing. The INK1000's ink cartridge holder offers a fool-proof, easy snap-in design. Your total cost of ownership, from printer to supplies, will save you bundles over the printer's lifetime. Acclaimed for reliability, this inkjet card printer requires minimal maintenance and requires fewer repairs than legacy card printers.

The HID FARGO INK1000 creates truly high-definition graphics and text for your entire card design, not just certain components. You'll see it in the sharper, crisper images and text – Due to its high resolution, the composite black created by the HID FARGO INK1000 can accurately reproduce even complex characters.

True edge-to-edge ID card printing eliminates the white card border left by direct-to-card printers while eliminating the hassles of print ribbons or the need for specialized cards like with retransfer printers.

Can I Still Encode Data with the INK1000 Badge Printer?

Able to support even advanced-level card applications, the Fargo INK1000 offers an optional OMNIKEY® 5127CK-Mini contactless encoding module that can be added at any time to support a wide variety of data encoding uses. Customers in a variety of industries can expand their card program at any time to include smart card application functionality with this easy-to-install encoder. Popular smart-card uses include contactless door entry, cashless vending, time and attendance tracking, and more!