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Planning for the next school year is underway. Working with thousands of schools across the country to meet their staff and student ID badging needs, we know that budgets are tight. Because of our industry partnerships, we can usually save you on your orders, plus we offer a price match guarantee.

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ID Solutions for Education

  • ID card printers

    ID Card Printers

    Produce sharp images, crisp bar codes with a variety of security features such as watermarks and holograms.

  • visitor badges

    Visitor Badges

    Identify authorized visitors, temporary employees, contractors, vendors, and other types of guests at a glance.

  • retransfer ID card Printers

    Retransfer ID Card Printers

    Produce vibrantly colored, photographic quality ID cards that are 25% more durable with retransfer print technology.

  • Composite ID Cards

    The more durable choice when students use the card repeatedly with a magnetic stripe reader.

  • CloudBadging

    Cloudbadging Software

    Cloudbadging software can be used from multiple workstations and is Mac compatible.

  • custom lanyards

    Custom Lanyards

    Design your own custom lanyards that feature your school colors, logo or nickname.

"Leaving safety up to chance is waiting for an accident to happen."

- Gary Lambert -
Director of 21st Century Learning, Beekmantown Central School District and ID Wholesaler customer.

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Six Steps to Increase School Security with Visual Identification

With the recent barrage of school violence around the nation, school administrators and leaders have realized that the bar for security standards needs to be raisedK12 School Classroom significantly. To maintain higher security levels in the classroom and within school walls, it’s integral to understand the security options that are available.

In addition, when you partner with an industry leader to create a solution that closely aligns with your school’s unique objectives, your students, school, and district can feel a resilient sense of safety.

Over the past several years, schools and educational facilities around the country have been forced to drastically change their perspective on student and staff security. With the growing number of security-related and violent incidents on school grounds, administrators, security officers, and IT teams are doing all they can to bolster the resources they already have with additional tools to tighten up and secure their campuses.

To build and sustain a high level of security, a school ID program helps require that each student, faculty member, volunteer, and facility visitor have an identifiable ID badge or visitor badge at all times. It’s a simple yet effectual way to keep your school safe knowing who is in the building at all times and being able to verify their identity.

Determining the right way to implement a program like this can definitely be a challenge, as there are many effective ways to create a more secure environment within our educational facilities. All building access points must be assessed and a strict protocol – coupled with a documented issuance policy – must be implemented for distribution of credentials to students, faculty, staff, volunteers, and visitors.

In today’s ever-changing world, relying on basic security measures will simply not be enough to adequately or confidently protect school classrooms, hallways, and common areas. But how can you build a reliable strategy for making your school’s security stronger and resilient? Where do you start?

Now more than ever, one of the most successful ways to build your security foundation is with an ID badging program. The first step is being prepared and making sure that you have the critical resources to launch your badge program. While there is no way to guarantee 100% security, you can make enhancements to your cards to heighten the level of security as well as the difficulty to copy or counterfeit ID badges. Schools are ramping up their overall security measures with badging programs. These programs bring awareness, help educate, and promote the safety and security within a school.

Before starting, however, it’s critical to give some forethought to the evolution of your program. What will it entail this year? Next year? In the next five years? Your ID badge program should be scalable and flexible enough to grow with you over time.

Schools around the country are evolving new developments in six critical areas:School Safety Cards

School Safety Cards
The fundamental component of every ID badge program is, well, a badge. ID badges for school students typically feature a first and last name, photo, student ID number, grade, teacher, and other distinguishing information. With more and more school districts requiring students to display their IDs on their person at all times while on school premises, the most effective and efficient way to increase visual security at a glance is with School Safety Cards.

School safety cards are placed on the backside of a photo ID card and provide a colored area to clearly and boldly display the badge wearer’s title (e.g., Principal, Teacher, Student, Volunteer, Counselor, etc.) or student grade (e.g., Senior, Junior, 2nd grade, etc.). They can display a variety of vital information for students and staff, including emergency phone numbers, crisis preparedness, evacuation instructions, fire drill maps, and more.

School safety cards are also useful for employees or guardians that may be unfamiliar with your school’s emergency procedures to have them in an easy access, secure location for quick reference: their ID.

Custom Badge Accessories
With an increased number of students and school staff being required to wear their ID badge credentials throughout the school day, lanyards How to Increase School Securityand badge reels can be customized as a method of instant visual security.

These high-quality custom accessories can be imprinted with your school’s name, mascot, and colors to provide an at-a-glance identification of a student, teacher, or staff member, even if their badge is not immediately visible.

For additional safety, schools tend to choose breakaway lanyards. The breakaway feature is uniquely designed with two sturdy plastic clasps that easily snap together. It automatically separates under pressure and/or physical stress and pull apart, reducing the risk of choking.

Tactile Impression Printing
Researching the many ways to strengthen your school security objectives is no small endeavor. However, with revolutionary innovations within the identificatiExample of ID card with tactile impressionon industry like the Datacard CD810, you’re definitely on the right path. This direct-to-card printer has something the competition doesn’t: its one-of-a-kind tactile impression customization. An exclusive breakthrough within the ID card industry, tactile impression can increase the tamper resistance of your cards, making them more secure and nearly impossible for counterfeiters to duplicate.

An imprint is made with the tactile impression die, directly onto the surface of your ID badges during the card printing process for added convenience and simplicity. Best of all, you only pay for the tactile impression die once. No special consumables are needed to produce secure, professional-grade ID badges except the standard cards and ribbons you’d normally need to purchase for your printer.

HoloKote Watermark
Only available from Magicard, the custom HoloKote is a built-in card security feature that prints a secure watermark on a badge’s surface without any added costs to your badge issuance program. Watermarks are printed during the normal card printing cycle using the “O” panel of a standard color ribbon, so there’s absolutely no need to purchase expensive holographic lamination. The HoloKote watermark becomes visible when the card is viewed at an angle and can be easily enabled or disabled in your printer driver. The custom image you use for this watermark is encrypted and electronically stored on a custom key, preventing the threat of card duplication and further strengthening card security.

Foil CardsFoil Cards
If your ID card printer doesn’t have card lamination capabilities, try our standard HoloMark Foil Cards. If you’re in the market for a more budget-friendly security option, foil cards offer increased security through tamper-resistant laminate combined with an embedded holographic image repeated over the card face. Even from a distance, this allows you to easily recognize a legitimate ID as well as an ID that may have been tampered with.

Visitor Management
Monitoring your school’s visitors – such as parents, relatives, or volunteers – is key to any school security program. For both large and small schools, it’s important to know who is in your building and how you can identify them. But monitoring of all the visitors at your school can be a real challenge. With the options available today, how do you decide which type of visitor badges or Visitor ID Badgevisitor management system software is the right choice for your organization?

Expiring badges come in the form of stickers, pre-printed badges, and printable badges. You can also choose to customize your badges with your school name and mascot. Badges can easily be placed on clothing with an adhesive back or a badge clip.

They can be purchased based on the time that they last:  One week, one day, or one half-day. Every expiring badge comes with a front part and a back part; to activate the badge simply adhere the front part to the back part. To activate the badge, simply adhere the front part to the back part.

Security can be integrated into your card program in a variety of ways. For the best performance and ultimate success, we advocate a multi-layer approach since no single security feature can guard against every attack.

Your school is only as secure as you, your staff and your students make it. To help ensure your security solution best aligns with your school’s specific needs, trust ID Wholesaler. Since 2004, we’ve partnered with hundreds of schools across the nation to significantly increase the security level of school ID card programs – affordably and sustainably.


Officially opening its doors to students in 1973, Evangelical Christian School is located in the southwest part of Florida near Fort Myers. The student body includes Gary Lambert, Beekmantown Central School District’s Director of 21st Century Learning,pre-school children through high school seniors, with a combined student population of over 1,000 kids. For 45 years, this non-denominational college preparatory school has maintained its mission of providing unparalleled excellence in education for all students.

In addition to superior education standards, staff and student security are paramount to Evangelical Christian School. Following the 9/11 attacks in 2001, ECS Safety Director, Matt Gerl – along with school administrators – made the critical decision to significantly increase the level of security on their campus by integrating proximity cards. “We decided that we needed increased security to bring some order to the chaos. ECS is a very strong and enduring family-oriented organization. While there’s definitely a homey feeling here, we still must have protection and safety measures in place,” Gerl explained.



ECS had an access control system in place for about 18 years. The school had originally invested in a name-brand proximity card and began issuing secure ID badges to the entire employee and non-employee staff. “We wanted the school to improve our ID badge security. We also wanted the ability to easily monitor our school and see who had used their card, where and when,” Gerl said.ECS students closeup

This included teachers, faculty and support staff, coaches, maintenance department, cafeteria, school nurse and the school’s security division. ID badges were also created for emergency locations within the building to enable law enforcement and fire department officials to enter the school in the event of an emergency. This also prevents authorities from having to break down school doors to access the school’s interior.

Because proximity ID cards are multi-functioning by nature, the school chose to include their kindergarten hot lunch program in tandem with the ID badge program. Students’ names were printed on cards, coupled with their lunch ID number. Each kindergarten teacher kept track of the student lunch cards, passing them out when once they got to the cafeteria and then collecting them after the students finished their lunches.

After exceeding its card-printing lifespan by several years, the school began looking for a replacement card printer. Gerl again reached out to his dedicated ID Wholesaler Account Manager, Zachary Knutson, asking for help to find a new card printer that would accommodate the school’s unique badging requirements. Knutson recommended the Datacard CD810 ID card printer because of its high-volume output, professional-grade print quality and speeds that surpass any other direct-to-card printer on the market.

To help make the school’s ID badge program even more financially sustainable, Knutson told Gerl about ValuProx Proximity Cards. Equivalent to the major name-brand prox cards, these generic prox cards feature a compelling list of benefits:ValuProx Cards

  • ValuProx cards cost 4 – 14% less than standard proximity cards.
  • They provide universal compatibility with 125 kHz prox card readers.
  • Cards can be programmed and shipped in just a matter of days versus weeks from other proximity card manufacturers.

Gerl felt that ValuProx Cards would be a wise direction for the school to take, because as an ID Wholesaler customer since 2010, he fully trusted Knutson’s endorsement of the technology cards.



In June of 2017, Gerl purchased his first order of ValuProx Proximity Cards from ID Wholesaler. “Like most folks, I Datacard CD810 ID Card Printerappreciate a great value. I was convinced after we first started using ValuProx cards that I’d made the right decision,” Gerl pointed out. “I trusted Zach’s recommendation of the cards, and that’s why I switched to ValuProx.” He went on to say that, “When I have something that works as well as ValuProx does, there’s no need to try something else just because it’s the latest and greatest.”Datacard CD810

Gerl now prints secure ID cards annually. Employee, non-employee and kindergarten lunch ID badges are re-printed and re-issued to ensure that cards are as up-to-date as possible. 2018 was the first year that ECS began incorporating the school year date on their cards for added security. “We print about 150 badges each year and re-print any lost or broken cards during the school year.”

“In dealing with ID Wholesaler, I found them to be very quick responding and not obtrusive like other sales companies. Never once was I bombarded with sales calls from them. Their response time is quick, and I’m kept updated on the status of my orders,” Gerl stated.



When asked if he’d recommend ID Wholesaler to his colleagues, the school safety director said, “Absolutely! I think I’ve had one or two non-functioning ValuProx Proximity Cards in the thousands I’ve ordered. These cards can really hold up!”

He went on to say, “I’d had lots of problems when I purchased prox cards from another technology card vendor. ValuProx proximity cards are significantly more durable.”

How Schools View ID Badges as a Security Asset, Not a Commodity

A drastic change is underway in the landscape of ID badges, moving the badge from a commodity to a security asset. WhenSchool Classroom talking to hundreds of education customers, the most common question is: “How can our school enhance security even further with our ID badging program?”

Justin Strauss, ID Wholesaler Business Development Manager, provided his professional insights for ways to increase school ID badge security as part of the “Increasing School Security Through Visual Identification” webinar. Watch the webinar now>>

For years, what schools wanted to accomplish with their ID badges centered around simple visual identification needs or supplementing school photographer support by printing lost badges or cards for new students entering the district. “How can I do this for less?” was a question we heard many times.

The shift that has taken place during the last couple years centers around the value seen in the ID program as a means of supporting other security initiatives. When the most powerful asset is your people, providing them with knowledge and resources to enforce a security program has become a top priority.

As part of the “If you see something, say something” initiative, the use of a secure credential is the way of equipping their people with a valuable security resource. When working on an ID badging solution as a security asset for schools, the two questions to answer now are:

  • How can a credential reduce the risk of a threat?
  • How can a credential assist in the event something happens?

We still have a long way to go. A recent poll with school decision makers showed that less than 30% of respondents’ security plans included a consistently implemented ID badging program. More than 70% of poll respondents chose one of the following answers:

  • Our security plan includes ID badging but could be implemented more consistently (31.4%)
  • Our security plan does not include ID badging (25.7%)
  • We do not have a security plan (14.3%)Photo ID Printing System

The building blocks of a complete photo ID systems include an ID printer, software, printer ribbon, blank ID cards and a web camera. The choices are overwhelming. Especially since schools don’t normally have someone whose primary responsibility is photo ID, narrowing down the options is difficult.

Rather than being an expert in all the options, we recommend starting with a vision. The vision has two components: a creation and distribution plan and a credential design. For all the building blocks of a photo ID system, consider how the option improves the visual security of a card as well as the entirety of the photo ID process.

As an example, what software fits you best as part of the creation and distribution plan? With the cost of the hardware, it’s easy to overlook that software is actually the backbone of the entire system. Over the last 18-24 months, we’ve seen a shift regarding ID photo software.

Photo ID software used to reside on a PC with a single-user login that was shared among various users in the office. To increase functionality, security and ease of use, cloud-based ID programs are taking over. Why? It’s because the data can be CloudBadging ID Card Softwareaccessed from anywhere, and schools benefit from the functionality of higher-end, full-featured software programs without having to pay an additional cost. provides the capability to have multiple users with unique logins and rights coupled with the ability to know where your cards are being produced and who is producing them. Data is always backed up which completely eliminates the risks of a single PC crashing.

As part of the credential design, visual security elements can provide the level of security and uniqueness aligned with the school (e.g., school logo, mascot and/or school colors). Because it’s more affordable to have an ID system, without unique identifiers on your card design, producing an unauthorized card is only a visit to a website and a small fee away. Visual security elements make the card prominent and easily recognizable, allowing those in your building to easily determine who should and should not be there. Some helpful tips:

  • Print on both sides of the card so it can still be seen even if it gets rotated
  • Add a disclaimer on the back of the card so it can be returned if lost
  • Switch to technology cards for more secure access

To enforce this vision, everyone at your school needs to be required to display their credential. This provides visibility to student resource officers, faculty and staff to easily identify who should be in the building. To provide the visual identification, you will need an ID badge attachment to do so. An attachment is an extension of the badge. Looking at customization for visual elements for your attachment is just as important as visual elements for the badge. We recommendSchool Safety Cards updating these from year to year, changing the school year of the cardholders or its colors and/or logos.

Another option is the school safety card. This accents a badge with visual identification of a person’s role and flexibility to include emergency procedures.

ID Wholesaler has three goals when working with schools – all equally important to help you narrow down the options for your school:

  • Outfit your school with the proper ID system for your application
  • Ways to improve and optimize the ID badging processes
  • How to leverage ID badges to support security initiatives
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