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Survey Shows ID Badging Programs Expected to Grow in 2023

We’re excited to share the results from our 2023 State of ID Badging survey with you! We’ll break down responses to questions about how ID badging programs are expected to change, the trends behind the changes, how participants shop for ID supplies, and the adoption of new access control solutions. Most businesses are still finding a new normal post-COVID. Since ID Wholesaler is the largest ID badging and physical access control provider in the market, we set out to determine the contributing factors to an ID Badging program in 2023.


Our own customers’ feedback has always been the most valuable source of information for how to best support customer needs - so, who better to target for our survey than our customers?

We conducted our State of ID Badging survey from November 22 – December 9, 2022. Over 250 respondents participated in the survey. Industries represented include education, health care, manufacturing, and government. Participants were surveyed about growth anticipations and trends for ID badging, timing and factors determining who to order from, and interest in using mobile devices to access buildings.

The results of the survey are captured in an easy-to-read infographic, available for download.

So, what did they have to say? Keep reading for a breakdown of the results.

Contributing Trends

While one-third of respondents expect the size of their ID badging program to increase in 2023, less than 5% anticipate a slight decrease.

The main trends driving the expected increase, each mentioned by over 10% of participants, are:

  • Desire for increased card security features
  • Acceleration in hiring
  • New hardware or company policy changes

Less impactful trends contributing to growth projections:

  • Hybrid and remote work schedules
  • Shifts to mobile credentials

Organizations that don’t plan to grow their ID badging program in 2023 cited supply chain delays as the top factor in their decision. Inflation and economic decisions also played a role.

Time of Ordering

Survey findings showed that nearly 70% of organizations wait to reorder the essentials needed to keep printing ID cards – like PVC or proximity cards, blank plastic cards, and ID card printer ribbons - until they are about to run out of supplies. Supplies also included badging accessories to hold and display ID cards, like badge holders and neck lanyards. Looking independently at the education sector, a little over 50% wait until supplies are out of stock before ordering, but this industry considers budget availability and annual planning to a larger degree than the overall group.

How Do You Pick Your Provider?

We asked participants to rank factors associated with choosing an ID badging supply provider. For all industries represented, price is most important in determining from whom to order ID badging supplies. Overall, this is followed by product selection and speed of delivery.

As one of the largest and most competitive ID suppliers in the market, ID Wholesaler carefully monitors selection factors like the ones mentioned by the survey respondents. With multiple warehouses strategically positioned across the nation, we are poised to fulfill orders quickly, so items go out for delivery as soon as possible. Fulfillment capabilities and dependable shipping providers align directly to the trend of organizations ordering more ID products only when they are about to run out of supplies.

Mobile Devices for Access Control

Combined, over 40% of respondents are interested in using mobile devices to access their building(s), or they are doing this already. For respondents working for government agencies, the percentage is 55%.

Today, more and more organizations demand modern solutions for access control including keyless WiFi door locks and mobile credential readers. Smart access control solutions offer employees the convenience they desire, at budget-friendly costs to organizations and building managers. Check out our SimpleAccess brand, a comprehensive offering of affordable solutions for building access control and keyless entry.

Infographic: State of ID Badging Survey Results

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