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How to Add a Signature to ID Cards

How to Add a Signature to an ID Card

There are many applications that require a signature on an ID card:

  • driver's licenses
  • membership cards
  • certification cards
  • gun permit cards

When it comes to adding a signature to your ID cards, there are three different ways you can accomplish this. One way to add a signature is to use signature panel PVC cards.

The signature panel will allow the cardholder to sign their name on the card itself without the ink smearing. If you are going to go this direction and will be using a reverse transfer printer, we recommend also using a YMCKI ribbon which contains an inhibitor panel (the "I" panel). YMCKI ribbons prevent the retransfer film from adhering to the signature panel area since the film would make it difficult to write on. Another way to add signatures to your ID cards is with card printer ribbons, such as the Evolis RCT021NAA ribbon. These specialized ribbons were designed for applications that required a user's signature for both security and authentication.

The ribbons feature an actual rectangular-shaped signature panel which allows users to manually add their signature in ink. Finally, you can add signatures to your ID cards as a digital image. By incorporating the signature as an image, you can add the signature into any design without having to change the type of ID card you're using for your application.

You'll need to use a signature capture device that will capture the cardholder's signature and allow you to import the image into the card template within the ID software. Some signature pads come with a backlit LCD display so users can see "electronic ink” as they sign. Others, like the IDGem Signature Capture Pad, also come with a fingerprint capture sensor for extra security. Be sure to confirm that your ID software has the capability to incorporate the signature.

If you're using CloudBadging, you can easily add a signature by using a signature capture pad (and its software) to capture a user's signature, save the image file, and import it into CloudBadging. If you’re using Asure ID software, you’ll need to have the Express, Enterprise, or Exchange edition to allow for the signature functionality. For all of your questions about how to incorporate a signature onto your ID card and which method works best for your business needs, contact an ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405!

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