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Secure & Affordable ID Cards for Government Agencies, Part 2

Previously, how to get started making secure and affordable government employee ID cards was addressed.

Example of a Police ID Card

Another common trend in creating ID cards for government employees is the need for versatility. It’s a common trend: you and your department are stretched thin. You’re having to do more with less and in many cases, you need to use ID equipment for different types of identification each having their own uses and applications. Entrust Datacard is leading the industry by providing solutions to be able to meet the needs of each of your applications with one piece of equipment.

The SL3 SigmaID card printer provides just that: versatility. From making a basic visual ID badge for employees to printing on proximity cards for door access to the highest visual security features, this single card printer can check all the boxes for each of these applications. Not only that, the CD810 direct-to-card printer is entirely modular so it can grow with you as your needs and your budget allow.

ID Wholesaler recently worked with a county government agency that needed to create employee IDs as well as first responder cards. One type of card would be a standard, one-sided, non-technology card. The other card – a technology card called a proximity card – needed to be printed on both sides for access control. It also required lamination in order to provide additional durability to withstand elements that the cardholder might encounter.

The solution that proved most successful for them was the Datacard SL3 Sigma ID printer due to the flexibility this printer provided. It allows them to print cards for very different applications using a single piece of equipment.

This particular agency didn’t have the resources available for the customized tactile impression at the time of purchase. They are, however, in the process of getting a grant to add the tactile impression feature their ID card program. With this level of versatility, the agency was able to be successful within their budget, their timeline, and their unique security needs.

In the final article of our series, you’ll find out how to find a balance between the level of security for your ID cards and the cost for creating them.

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