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Protect Your ID Card with an Anti-Print Transfer Badge Holder

So you accidentally left your ID badge in your car for a few days to discover that the card is now "stuck" inside of the badgeAnti-print Transfer ID Badge Holders holder. When you pull the card out of the holder, you realize that part of your card image has transferred to the badge holder (similar to the cards found at the right).

This process is called dye migration. It occurs when a printed plastic card is worn in a badge holder that is exposed to heat and pressure. It is common in situations where employees work outside, leave their ID in vehicles, or store cards in a vinyl window of a wallet.

One way to prevent dye migration is by using a laminating card printer. Adding a layer of laminate to your cards not only prevents dye migration, it also makes cards more durable and scratch-resistant. An alternative is an anti-print transfer badge holder

These badge holders feature an anti-print transfer material that won't stick to or transfer print from your ID cards. Like all badge holders, anti-print transfer badge holders are available in both vertical and horizontal orientations for basic ID cards or proximity cards. To protect your ID badges from dye migration, shop anti-print transfer badge holders now or talk with an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405.

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