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Managing Control System Access with an ID Card Solution

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Automation and information control systems integrator Avid Solutions has provided process control consultative services to vital industries throughout the country and around the world for almost three decades.

Their customers have included sectors in the chemical and pharmaceutical field, power generation and management, food and beverage manufacturing, consumer electronics, textiles production, and a multitude of others.

Recently, Avid Solutions Consultant, Craig Davis, was contacted by a customer to implement an access control system as well as an end-to-end process control application. The integration also involved a particularly unique component which they had not encountered before: an ID card.

New to the domain of this kind of integrated access control, Avid conducted thorough research online for a reputable ID card provider and found ID Wholesaler.


Avid Solutions

Provide System Access with a Non-Traditional Methodology
In addition to the access control application installation used for employees' entry into the facility, Avid's customer required users to log into a new system interface to perform their daily job responsibilities. Because there were no keyboards associated with the new control system, Avid was tasked with devising an easy, convenient method for users to log in with their user name and password without the use of a standard keyboard.

The dual-purpose solution was programmable HID iClass contactless smart cards. But in order to produce the professional credentials for employees, Avid needed a new piece of equipment they were not familiar with: an ID card printer and ID card software. That's when Craig got in touch with Mark Nusbaum, ID Wholesaler Account Manager.

"ID card printers were something we had never dealt with in the past, with any of our clients. We needed a photo identification company that was highly specialized in ID card printing to propose an all-inclusive solution for our customer's unique scenario," explained Davis.

"Another top priority was creating exceptional quality cards to reflect the customer's high brand standards. And since the cards would be used much more frequently for logging into the system, it was imperative that they'd last more than just a year or two," Davis added.


A High-Performance, Multi-Functional ID Card Printer
Based on the detailed requirements provided by Davis, Nusbaum believed the printer Avid needed to ensure a successful and effective ID card program was the Fargo HDP5000 Single-Sided Printer. The HDP5000 high-definition retransfer printer creates vividly brilliant colors, crisp text, and outstanding edge-to-edge coverage.

Along with the aesthetic qualities the HDP5000 produced, this top-performing printer provided added durability and protection using a special retransfer film that is fused to a card's surface during printing with pressure and heat. As a result, cards are buffered from everyday wear and tear, extending the longevity of their use and saving the customer resources in the future.

To further augment the value of the HDP5000, retransfer printers do not actually come into contact with ID cards, so there is virtually no chance of compromising or damaging the printhead, eliminating expensive repair or replacement costs.

“I recommended the HDP5000 because of its superior quality printing, modular design, and general reliability,” Nusbaum stated. He added that the HDP5000 is engineered to be upgradeable in the event that an organization’s business needs change.

To make the process even easier and more streamlined for Avid Solutions, Nusbaum suggested purchasing the powerful yet user-friendly CardExchange ID Card Software to design, create, and encode the ID cards. "The end result was a professional-grade, dependable, and long-lasting ID card for Avid's customer," said Nusbaum.


Rely on the Expertise of an ID Solutions Industry Leader
The concept of ID card printers and ID card use was an unfamiliar business model for Avid. The cards produced by the HDP5000 printer not only had to look good; they had to be extremely durable to withstand multiple user logins each day to the new process control system Avid engineered for their customer.

"My experience with ID Wholesaler was really positive," Davis stated. "Mark was helpful and never pressured me into buying something he didn't think I needed. He was attentive to what I was tasked to accomplish with the client and took the time to answer my questions as well as explain the many features of the printer."

When asked what he liked best about the new Fargo HDP5000 ID card printer, Davis was quick to answer. "I liked the simplified printer set-up and supply loading; everything was color-coded for fast, easy replacement. Totally goof proof. Best of all, I was impressed by the timely card production. I just loaded the blank cards, and the finished new IDs came out on the other end in almost no time," Davis concluded.

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