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Which Badge Accessories Should I Use with My ID Card?

Often overlooked until the last minute, the ID card accessory you choose will affect your employees’ daily work life and mayShop for Badge Accessories also determine whether or not your ID program is a success.  Consider the following when choosing your ID card accessory:

1. What type of environment are your employees in?
You can clip it, hang it, or put it on your arm or hard hat. Make sure the accessory you choose will not interfere with your employees’ safety.  Don’t forget about the reflective holders and lanyards – they can even be customized!

2. Will the card need to be physically reviewed or swiped?
If the card has to be swiped on a daily basis, consider an easy access holder or one with a thumb notch for easy card removal.

3. How will it be attached?
You can punch a slot in the card, use a holder with a slot, or use a gripper attachment.  Keep in mind that punching a slot in the card will interfere with the design and overall look.

4. What type of look are you going for?
Carry your ID card design through to your accessory by customizing your lanyard, badge reel or badge holder. Customization is fast and affordable. Plus it gives your ID card ensemble a more professional finished look.

ID Wholesaler deals with a wide a variety of badge accessories and can help you find the best option for a facility. Badge accessories are the least expensive part of an ID card system, but they are definitely just as important!  Call an ID Professional today to review your options at (800) 321-4405.

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