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The Best School ID Software: CloudBadging

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of schools moving to cloud-based applications for any number of programs, and the ID badging software a school uses doesn’t need to be any different. But what’s the best ID software for schools?CloudBadging: The best ID software for schools

At ID Wholesaler, we recommend CloudBadging ID Badge Software. It’s an ideal solution to evolve your school’s ID badging program to the next level. CloudBadging offers a very secure, powerful and easy-to-use photo ID software. It provides full technical support and the ability to add multiple users – all rolled directly into the cost of the subscription and under a single license.

Multiple users with a single license
We’ve seen many schools that have several people who use one ID card printer. But it can be inconvenient if your ID badge software is tied to just one computer. Sure, you can always put traditional badging software on multiple computers, but that requires you to purchase a site license for each computer which can get quite expensive. With CloudBadging Software, one license allows you to send your badge information from various computers throughout your school to just one ID card printer!

As an admin, you can even create different user groups, give certain permissions, and define capabilities for groups and individuals. CloudBadging offers unlimited users, unlimited locations, and unlimited support – all at no additional cost – so it’s perfect for multiple users at one school or many users across an entire school district. This function is ideal for school districts of any size, because you only need a single CloudBadging license for all the schools in your district to create student ID badges.

Also: if you ever need to add someone new to your CloudBadging program, you don’t have to worry about training them. We offer complimentary training whenever you need it (it’s actually included as part of your software support).CloudBadging is Mac-compatible

Mac & Windows compatibility
It doesn’t matter whether your school runs on a Mac or Windows operating system. Because it’s a web-based ID software, it operates inside your browser to seamlessly accommodate a cross-platform environment.

Your data is always safe & secure
Experience total peace of mind when you use CloudBading Software for your school ID cards, because it keeps your data fully secure in the cloud. It uses cutting-edge cloud technology that’s constantly updated and backed up every five minutes.

Furthermore, your data is stored in a location that’s unique to your account and can only be accessed by you and your users. Not only is your data safe within the cloud, but your students, staff and visitors will be easily recognizable with professional-looking ID badges.

Data sent between your computer and CloudBadging is completely encrypted and will never be lost, guaranteed. Your data is protected from any number of issues such as a corrupted database in your badging software or a computer crash.

Easy, full-featured tools
CloudBadging includes all the tools you need to easily create professional-looking ID badges for your students, staff, and faculty, including:Always have the latest version with CloudBadging

  • Real-time badge previews
  • Template drafting
  • Front-to-back cloning
  • Logic-based field population
  • Snap-to-grid alignment
  • And more!

Learn about recent CloudBadging enhancements >>

So simple to use!
Is your current school badging program overly complicated? Is it hard to get support if something goes wrong? That won’t happen with CloudBadging.

This revolutionary ID software is a fully featured card design and print application that’s very easy to use. Since CloudBadging is web-based, all you need to do is open your web browser, and you’re ready to go! No need to wait for IT people to install software. No matter your job title – school administrator, IT Help Desk, teacher, principal or support staff – it’s truly that easy to get started with CloudBadging!Always have the latest version with CloudBadging

Support that’s second to none
We want to help make your move to CloudBadging as smooth as possible. For the initial setup, you simply need to input your password, configure your printer, and start designing your card in minutes. If you need help importing or configuring your database, all of our CloudBadging support is free and included with your subscription via:

  • chat
  • by phone
  • by email

Watch our video to see how easy and convenient CloudBadging is to use, particularly when creating new student ID badge templates. Our video walks you through the entire template creation process, highlighting new tools to make your job even easier. You can also check out our Learning Center for helpful and informative CloudBadging blogs.

To find out whether CloudBadging is the best ID software for your school, try it free for 30 days. There’s no up-front or credit card payment required, and there’s no obligation when the 30 days is up. Call an ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405 for more information!

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