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How to Make Earth-Friendly ID Badges

Standard ID Card Sizes

You may not consider something as small as an ID card to negatively affect the environment – but when you add up thousands of cards, something that was once small can most definitely impact our landfills. bioPVC ID cards are the environmentally-friendly choice when it comes to plastic ID cards.

Regular 100% PVC cards can remain structurally intact for a very long time and therefore have a negative impact on our environment. Earth-friendly bioPVC cards are made with 99% PVC that fully biodegrades within nine months to five years of continual exposure to microorganisms, minimizing our footprint on the planet.

Earth-friendly bioPVC cards perform just like standard PVC cards. They maintain their integrity under normal, everyday use; they can get wet, be left on the shelf, left in a wallet, printed on, vacuum formed, cut, embossed, and UV treated without breaking down. Biodegradation takes place only when the cards are in a fertile environment in which microorganisms are present (e.g., soil, compost, trash dump, water, etc.). The cards leave no ecologically-damaging toxins once degraded.

Earth-friendly bioPVC cards are available with a hi-coercivity mag stripe, lo-coercivity mag stripe, or blank in the CR80 size (3.375” x 2.125”) 30 mil.

Take a step toward protecting our planet by making your ID badge program earth-friendly. Call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 to learn more about bioPVC cards today.

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