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Breakaway Lanyards: A Safe Solution

Example of a Breakaway Lanyard Clasp

When it comes to badging and ID-related safety, most people don’t think much beyond the physical identification and security components.

Safety – which should go hand-in-hand with security – needs to be at the forefront of your mind as well. In fact, the most important decision you’ll make is whether or not to get lanyards that can breakaway when you pull on them or remain securely attached to your photo ID card holder's neck.

If you’re searching for lanyards to use with your photo ID cards, we recommend breakaway lanyards. They’re perfect for most any applications – from corporate offices to medical centers, daycare facilities, industrial settings, and pretty much every application in between.

The breakaway feature on a breakaway lanyard automatically separates under pressure and/or physical stress. Essentially, the lanyard pulls apart when caught in a machine, a door, or other object that the badge and lanyard would get caught in.

More often than not, students, medical workers, and factory workers tend to be at a higher risk when wearing regular (non-breakaway) lanyards.

From playground horseplay to dangerous machines or medical patients, it only takes a second to cause irreparable harm that could have easily been avoided with a breakaway lanyard.

If you even think there’s a risk the wearer will be in an environment where the lanyard could cause harm, your choice is easy…invest in safety and buy the breakaway lanyard. Using breakaway lanyards will save you money and even more headaches in the long run.

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