CloudBadging Tip: Capturing Records

Objective: To learn about capturing records within CloudBadging ID Software that can then be used to populate a badge design template.

What is a record?
A record is simply a set of information tied to a single entry or individual.

If you think of an employee data table or spreadsheet, you have a table of information with employee names going down the table, and employee information (such as first name, last name, employee ID number, etc.) going across the table. Each of these rows would be considered a record.

Spreadsheet of data

Creating a new record
Before entering any record, make sure that your Dataset contains all the necessary types of data to document with the appropriately titled fields. If you have any questions whether your Datasets are correctly defined, check out our post on how to create and define Datasets.

To create a record, select the Records tab on the blue bar across the top of your screen (between “Dashboard” and “Print”). Then select Create Record.

Create a record in CloudBadging Software

The Add Record screen will appear, and you’ll be able to enter the individual record beginning with specifying the Dataset it will be saved to. From this drop-down menu, select which Dataset to save the new record:

Adding a record within CloudBadging Software

There follows a list of the various Fields of information that are used to document each record. Note: The asterisk next to the labels indicate the Field is required before saving the new record to the Dataset.

Need to create 2 records? Or 3 records? Or 759 records?
Whether you have just a couple records to create or a few hundred, you'll save both time and effort (and sanity!) by using the Import Record process to create them. Learn more about importing records with photos in CloudBadging ID Software.

If you have any questions about creating records or any other feature, you can always rely on your Customer Success Manager to assist you in optimizing your CloudBadging experience. Call today at (800) 996-3581!

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