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Smart Card Readers

Entering door with traditional key

3 Reasons to Replace Traditional Locks with an Access Control System

t’s not hard to see the business case for moving from physical keys to a smart access control system. It adds convenience for your employees, saves you time and money normally wasted managing keys and rekeying locks, and significantly enhances the security around your business.

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SimpleAccess mobile reader for access control

Why Access Control Matters More Than Ever

Access Control to secure small and medium sized business is changing. If you’re still on the fence about upgrading your business’s door access control system, read on to discover why now is the time to revamp your approach to physical security.

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Smart Card Reader

Definition of a Smart Card Reader

Learn how smart card readers work and the types of readers that are available.

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Data Capture Devices

Data Capture Devices 101

Learn more about data capture devices, including barcode and magnetic stripe readers, signature capture pads and proximity or smart card readers.

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Access Control

How Do I Program My Door Access Cards?

An ID Professional explains the process of getting your proximity cards programmed.

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How to figure out the best card readers to buy

How Do I Know Which Card Reader to Buy?

An ID Professional explains the types of card readers available and their most common uses.

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Smart Card

Tips for Selecting a Smart Card Reader

Get some helpful guidance from an ID Professional!

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Learn more About Data Capture

Data Capture: Signature Capture, Fingerprint Scanners & More!

Shopping for a data capture device (signature capture pad, barcode or fingerprint scanner, magnetic stripe or prox card reader)? We can help!

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