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Data Capture

Access Control & Proximity Cards

The Levels of ID Card Data Privacy

Find out ways to increase the level of employee data security by the type of prox card numbering method you choose.

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What is a Fingerprint Scanner?

Learn about what a fingerprint reader is and how your organization could benefit from this type of data capture device.

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Zebra Barcode Scanner

Many Industries, One Handheld Barcode Scanning Solution

For a reliable barcode scanner that can be used across a wide variety of applications, we recommend the Zebra DS4308 scanner.

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Barcode Scanners Benefit the Healthcare Industry

How Barcode Scanners Benefit the Healthcare Industry

Barcode scanners designed for the healthcare industry can substantially reduce errors. Find out how!

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Electronic Signature Capture Pads

How are Electronic Signature Capture Pads Used?

Learn how a variety of industries use signature capture pads to save both time and money.

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Smart Card Reader

Definition of a Smart Card Reader

Learn how smart card readers work and the types of readers that are available.

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Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

What is a Magnetic Stripe Card Reader?

Learn more about what a magnetic stripe reader is and how it processes the information on a magstripe card.

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Signature Capture Pads

What is a Signature Capture Pad?

Find out what a signature capture pad is and how it’s used for a variety of applications.

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Barcodes for ID Cards

Adding Barcodes to Your ID Badges

Whether you want to monitor building access or track time and attendance, find out how simple it is to add barcodes to your ID badges!

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Data Capture Devices

Data Capture Devices 101

Learn more about data capture devices, including barcode and magnetic stripe readers, signature capture pads and proximity or smart card readers.

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