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State of ID Badging Survey Image

Survey Shows ID Badging Programs Expected to Grow in 2023

We’re excited to share the results from our 2023 State of ID Badging survey with you! We’ll break down responses to questions about how ID badging programs are expected to change, the trends behind the changes, how participants shop for ID supplies, and the adoption of new access control solutions.

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COVID-19 Supplies for Healthcare & Essential Businesses

During uncertain times, like a worldwide health crisis, it’s essential for some businesses to stay open, while others are required to temporarily close. In either event, the decision is made for the safety and support of the organization’s community. But rapid changes make it hard to know what to plan for during these unexpected times. Modifying […]

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How Broward County District School Partnered with ID Wholesaler to Enforce Security Protocol

Learn how Hallandale High School in Florida partnered with ID Wholesaler to enforce stronger security protocols for students and staff.

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Proximity Cards

Choosing & Implementing the Right Proximity Card for Your Organization

Find out how to integrate physical security, data protection, and user convenience under a single card-based system for your organization.

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Photo ID System

How Schools View ID Badges as a Security Asset, Not a Commodity

Find out how you can increase security for your ID badging program.

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Smart Card ID Holders

How to Wear Smart Cards without Slot Punching

These two ID holders will keep your smart card protected, secure, and properly displayed!

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Custom Badge Lanyards & Badge Reels

Custom Badge Lanyards & Badge Reels: Low-cost, High-impact Marketing

Promote your organization’s brand easily and affordably with cost-effective custom lanyards and badge reels!

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ID Badge Accessories

Questions to Ask Before Buying Photo ID Badge Accessories

Shopping for ID badge accessories? By asking these four simple questions, you can find be sure to choose the right accessory for your needs.

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Badge Accessories

How to Choose the Right Badge Accessories

Learn about the many considerations to make when choosing the right badge accessory for your needs.

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Proximity Cards

Can I Print Directly on Older Clamshell Prox Cards?

An ID Professional explains why clamshell ID cards are being replaced with a more convenient and versatile technology card option.

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