ID Cards — Advanced ID Cards

Advanced ID Cards

Access Control & Proximity Cards

The Levels of ID Card Data Privacy

Find out ways to increase the level of employee data security by the type of prox card numbering method you choose.

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What is Smart Card Encoding?

What is Smart Card Encoding?

What is a smart card and how is it used? An ID Professional explains all you need to know about smart cards!

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Slot Punches

When Should You Slot Punch Your ID Cards?

Find out why you should wait to slot punch your ID cards until they’ve been printed.

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ID Card Printer Machine

Retransfer vs. Direct-to-Card Printing: Which is Right for Your Business?

Get a helpful visual that depicts the differences between direct-to-card and reverse transfer printing.

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ValuProx ID Cards

Benefits of Clamshell Proximity Cards

If you’re looking for an affordable equivalent to standard clamshell prox cards, try ValuProx Clamshell Proximity Cards!

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UV Images on ID Cards

Using UV Images to Increase ID Card Security

By adding ultraviolet images to your ID cards, you can increase security in a way that’s both cost-effective and really easy!

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How ID Cards Protect Businesses

Top 3 Ways ID Cards Help Protect Your Business

ID cards are an integral part of a company’s security. Read about the top 3 ways organizations can add security to their ID cards.

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ValuProx Generic Proximity Cards

Which Proximity Card Brand Offers the Most Savings?

Compare ValuProx PVC and PVC-PET Proximity Cards to their name-brand equivalents to see the substantial cost savings!

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Security Features

What Security Features are Available in an ID Card Program?

Find out how to make your ID card printer, ID software, supplies, and ID cards more secure with the options available.

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Holographic Cards

Visual Card Security

By adding visual security and encoding features to your ID cards, you’ll be better equipped to protect your organization.

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Magicard HoloKote

HoloKote Flex: A Card Security Option from Magicard

Find out how Magicard’s HoloKote can protect your organization’s ID cards from counterfeiting.

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Benefits of standard holograms

How to Make Your ID Cards More Secure

Learn about four different options you can choose to incorporate into your credential program for increased ID card security.

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