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How Broward County District School Partnered with ID Wholesaler to Enforce Security Protocol

Learn how Hallandale High School in Florida partnered with ID Wholesaler to enforce stronger security protocols for students and staff.

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Temporary Employee ID Card

Creating Staffing or Employment ID Badges for Your Clients’ Workforce

An ID Professional provides valuable ID badge recommendations for staffing and employment agencies looking to streamline their business.

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Fargo HDP5600 ID Card Printer

Field Upgrades for Your ID Card Printer

Learn more about the printer brands that offer convenient field upgrades!

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ID Card Printers

Workbench Utility for All Fargo Printers

With diagnostic tools, performance upgrades, and more, this free tool helps keep your Fargo ID card printer drivers, firmware, and software up-to-date.

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Printer Upgrades

Download: Fargo DTC4500e Driver, Firmware & User Manual

Find everything you need to optimize your Fargo DTC4500e printer. Get user manuals, current drivers and firmware, and more!

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Fargo ID Card Printers

Now Available: Mac OS X Drivers for Fargo Printers

HID Global has released Mac OS X drivers for several Fargo printer models.

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Fargo DTC4500e ID Card Printers

How Can I Upgrade My Fargo DTC4500e Printer?

Have your needs in your ID card program changed? Learn about upgrades you can easily make to your Fargo DTC4500e printer to get more performance from it at ID Wholesaler.

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