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Choosing a Slot Punch for Your ID Card Program

Slot Punches are used to punch an opening on a card so that a card can easily be attached to a lanyard, badge clip, or badge reel and used for identification purposes. Depending on the orientation of the ID card, slot punches can be made either horizontally or vertically. Many of the slot punches we offer include an adjustable centering guide for easier and more accurate placement of the slot opening as well as a receptacle for capturing discarded punches. Which Slot Punch Should I Buy? The best way to select a slot punch for your ID card program is to choose the one that will accommodate the volume of cards you intend to produce for your application. We carry four different styles of ID card punches to accommodate most slot punching requirements: Hand-held Punches
  • Great for small batches of cards (between 1 and 10 cards per batch).
  • Lightweight, compact, and easily adjustable.
Stapler-style Punches
  • Features a versatile and compact desktop design that's perfect for medium-volume card punching.
  • Some designs offer an adjustable slide guide for precise slot punching jobs.
Tabletop Punches
  • A rugged, all-metal punch designed for medium-volume card punching.
  • Punches cards up to 60-mil in thickness.
Heavy-duty Electric Punches
  • The ideal automated option for punching a high volume of ID cards.
  • The design features a convenient foot switch for fast, hassle-free slot punching.
Quick Tip We strongly recommend slot punching your ID cards after you print them. Printing on pre-punched cards creates an uneven surface that can damage the printhead, resulting in reduced image quality on your cards and costly repair or replacement of your printhead.
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