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How to Choose the Right ID Card Printer Ribbon

You may look at the virtual sea or ribbon supplies on and think, “They all seem the same; they should all How to Choose the Right ID Card Printer Ribbonwork the same, shouldn't they?” Not necessarily. Choosing printer ribbon for your ID card printer is very important. You may even notice there’s more than one ribbon that will work with your printer. But sometimes, there are subtle variances that can mean the difference between flawless printing or a technical nightmare. It can seem like a difficult task trying to figure it all out, so let’s take a look at the basics. Each letter relates to a panel on the ribbon itself. For example:
  • Y is Yellow
  • M is Magenta or Red
  • C is Cyan or Blue
  • K is Black
  • O or T is clear overlay (the protective layer that prevents the colors from rubbing off)
There are also specialty ribbons that have an "I" or "F" panel, but we’ll cover those another time. The ribbons you'll need to use depend upon the printer you're using and what you’re printing onto your card. If you print color on one or both sides of your card, you would use the YMCKO ribbon. However, if you’re printing color on the front and only black on the back, you'll need an extra “K” (black) panel, making it the YMCKOK ribbon. The YMCKOK ribbon will not work for you if you want to print a single- or double-sided color card. You’ll also want to be aware if you’re ordering half panel or not. At first, half panel ribbons may look like a great deal because they are lower in cost and produce more prints. But these ribbons can only print color on half of a card! To find ribbons for your ID card printer, simply navigate to the "Ribbons & Supplies" link on our top navigation bar. Then just choose your printer model.  It's as easy as that. If you have any doubts about what you'll need to successfully print your next batch if ID cards, it’s always best to call and talk to an ID Professional at ID Wholesaler. We can help ensure you’re getting exactly the right ribbons for your card printer. Making sure you get the correct product will help save you avoid returns, replacements, and wasted supplies which will ultimately save you time and money. We're just a phone call away: (800) 321-4405!
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