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Compliance with Pennsylvania’s HB 1482 Regulations


Under the recent healthcare identification law that went into effect in Pennsylvania on June 1, 2015, compliance with HB 1482 (2010) is now mandatory for all healthcare workers in that state, with additional states likely to follow.

The new law requires that employees who provide direct care to patients must wear photo ID badges that include the following information:

  • employee photograph (must be updated every four years)
  • employee's full name and position title in large print
  • the name of the healthcare facility or agency employing the worker

If you are preparing to get your team of medical professionals for compliance with the new HB 1482 requirements, the solution is easier than you think.

Badge Buddies are composed of an extra-durable polyester/polyethylene mix to provide long-lasting, reliable use with daily wear and tear. They are fully laminated and attach to any badge holder with a pre-slotted opening, allowing the "DOCTOR," "LPN," or "RN" designation to be clearly displayed in large, block letters beneath photo ID or name badge.

If your organization is required to be compliant with the Pennsylvania House Bill 1482 (2010), we offer standard and custom Badge Buddies in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

To order Badge Buddies for your organization or to learn more about a complete HB 1482 solution, contact an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405. We're happy to help!

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