Visitor Badges

Expiring Visitor Badges: Customized Your Way!

The vast majority of companies require employees to display their identification credentials which typically feature the person's name, employee number, and the organization's brand assets (company name, colors, logo, etc.). For branding continuity, why not also add your company logo to your visitor name badges as well? Custom self-expiring visitor badges can easily be issued in a variety of ways:
  • manually – handwritten visitor information with a pen
  • printed with a laser or ink-jet printer
  • printed individually using a thermal printer (black ink)
In addition, you can choose how long you would like the badge to be valid, including:
  • half day
  • one full day
  • one week
  • one month
Based on the time frame you select, expiring visitor badges will gradually expire and reveal a red color change which can easily be seen from a distance. It's a simple way to tell who is a valid visitor and who is not. Custom expiring visitor badges are not only convenient, but they also offer a number of benefits in addition to identifying the visitors to your facility. They can help:
  • Enhance your organization's image – They invite conversation! It’s like saying to someone, "Please let us know your name; we want to know you."
  • Help market your company – It’s a great marketing tool having your logo, and your brand front and center every time guest are given visitor name badges.
  • Add another layer of security to your facility – Since your visitor ID badges are unique, the only place they can get your visitor badge is from your reception area.

How to Order Custom Self-expiring Visitor Badges

When you've completed placing your order, one of our custom badge specialists will contact you to verify your custom order, email you the design proof, and answer any final questions you may have. It is important to note that the lead time is typically about 14 business days after the final proof is accepted.
To order your custom self-expiring visitor badges, call a knowledgeable ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405 x2 or chat now. We're here to help!
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