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Data Capture Devices 101

Data Capture Devices

Photo identification cards have progressively become more sophisticated over the years. What used to serve solely as visual identification has been transformed by many businesses and organizations who now use their ID cards to capture data quickly and efficiently.

Businesses, schools and organizations can keep the data embedded in their ID cards and badges very simple or extremely more complex – all depending on what data they want and how they prefer to capture it.

You might ask yourself “What data would I want to capture, and how can I use it?” First things first: let’s tackle the types or forms of data you can capture.

Some of the most common forms would include:

  • barcodes
  • magnetic stripe (also referred to as “magstripe”)
  • signatures
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • smart card technologies

How can I use the data on my ID card?
Schools might use the barcode technology for checking out books in the library or for their cafeteria lunch programs.

Membership organizations might utilize the magnetic stripe technology for tracking usage of membership benefits.

In many cases, more than one type of technology is used for capturing different bits of data for different uses. For example, a business may utilize RFID for their access control system; smart card technology for retrieving biometric data like fingerprints to further authenticate access, as well as using a magnetic stripe for accessing equipment like printers and copiers and barcodes for time and attendance or productivity measures.

How can I capture the ID card data?
Common data capture devices would include the following:

  • barcode scanners
  • magnetic stripe readers
  • signature capture pads
  • proximity card readers
  • smart card readers
  • fingerprint scanners

These devices are easy to install and integrate seamlessly with the vast majority of ID software programs available on the market today.

Some devices like the E-Seek Barcode and Magnetic Stripe Reader and the Topaz IDLite Fingerprint Scanner and Signature Capture Pad allow you to capture multiple types of data as their names suggest.

The data retrieved provides a blueprint to quickly understanding more about your employees, members or students and use the information to propel your organization further.

Whatever your data capture needs are, ID Wholesaler can help you identify which data capture device you need to ensure the success of your application. For more information or to learn about each, just call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405. We love helping our customers!

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