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The Datacard SD460 is at ID Wholesaler

The innovative Datacard SD460 Dual-Sided ID Card Printer with Lamination advancesDatacard SD460 ID Card Printer your ID card program to the next level! With the option of single-sided or dual-sided lamination along with an overall faster system output, the SD460 is the ideal solution for organizations that require a card printer with mid- to high-volume capabilities. The Datacard SD460 printer delivers exceptional 300dpi full-color or monochrome ID cards quickly and efficiently. This full-feature dual-sided printer offers standard Ethernet and USB connectivity, so your card printing program can be managed by users across a network instead of a single badge station. Truly Unique Features
  • Designed with a unique de-bowing feature that flattens cards automatically after lamination, the SD460 will help optimize your ID card program's productivity and will also reduce waste.
  • Eco-friendly supplies set this direct-to-card printer apart from others, featuring biodegradable supply cores and recyclable materials.
  • With its proprietary tactile impression feature, the Datacard SD460 printer provides security that is easy to authenticate. A custom or generic die is located in the front of the lamination module, and the die impresses the card surface after card lamination is complete, adding an extra physical layer of security.
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