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Does your organization need a visitor management application that offers a comprehensive solution for access control as well as time and attendance tracking? Jolly Lobby Track can provide all three in a single offering.

With a 30-day free trial, you'll gain access to the many valuable features and functions of Lobby Track to help you determine which edition best suits your organization's unique needs.

Tracking the visitors, contractors, and other guests who are entering and exiting your place of business every day is a critical aspect of protecting your employees, your business, and your resources.

With the Lobby Track Visitor Management Software, you can control who is coming and going as well as who has access to which areas of your facility and how long they have access there.

You can create your own personalized badges or choose from a variety of prefabricated templates within the Jolly Lobby Track interface for professional-looking badges every time. In addition, you can interface with your database to easily manage and access employee or visitor information.

  • Standard Edition – This affordable standard visitor management package is the optimal choice for companies who do not require advanced database capabilities or produce badges using a single PC.
  • Premier Edition – Designed for organizations that have more than one site or campus, the Premier Edition offers a centralized data management suite and provides stringent security options.
  • Scan Station 7 Premier Edition – Track time in and time out, scan cards for approved access, and report on facility use and attendance. Use Scan Source as a standalone software or coupled with Jolly ID Flow badge software for a total card management and time tracking application with access control.

Try all the features and functionality of Jolly Lobby Track Software with your free trial. When you purchase a full license, all of your work carries over so you won't have to start from scratch!

Download your free ID Flow trial now and see for yourself how easy Jolly Lobby Track Software is to use!
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