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How to Prevent Dust Buildup in ID Printers

Dust may be small, but when it comes to your ID card printer, the damage it can create is substantial. Dust and other airborne How to prevent dust buildup in ID printersparticles can accumulate inside your printer and cause spots or specks to appear on your printed ID cards. Worse yet, dust can damage the printhead which can cost hundreds of dollars to replace.

How to Prevent Dust Buildup in ID Printers

Let's face it:  dust is inevitable. The good news is that there are ways to minimize dust and other airborne debris to protect your card printer investment.

Choose a clean location for your printer, away from heat sources such as radiators, air ducts, or direct sunlight. You should also avoid areas with excessive dust and dirt, such as a factory production floor. Store your unprinted ID cards in a dust-free environment, and do not use cards that appear to have contaminants on the surface.

Use a printer dust cover when the printer is not in use. ID printer dust covers are made of an anti-static, nylon material that protects your printer from dust, spills, water, smoke, and other elements. For best results, select a dust cover that's fitted to your ID printer dimensions.

Clean your printer regularly to prevent damaging buildup and maintain its performance. We recommend that you clean your printer after every ribbon change with an ID printer cleaning kit. Keep your printer dust-free in between cleanings by wiping the exterior down periodically with an anti-static, soft cloth to remove dust and other contaminants.

With a little forethought, dust buildup in ID printers is actually very easy to avoid. The combination of a card printer dust cover and cleaning kit from ID Wholesaler helps ensure the proper care and longevity of your printer. Call an ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405 to learn more. We're here to help!

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