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Evolis Enhances Security with Locking System Option

Global printer manufacturer Evolis recently introduced a new locking system option designed exclusively for the Primacy model, their premiere dye-sublimation ID card printer. Engineered to increase performance, the electro-mechanical locking system adds physical security to card issuance programs by restricting use to approved users only. In addition to preventing unauthorized printer use, the Primacy's mounted locking system also eliminates the threat of ID card and consumables theft. Made of rugged metal, the system secures access points to the most critical components of the printer, including:
  • Blank card stock
  • Rejected ID cards
  • Ribbon supplies
  • Maintenance door
Although a physical key is required to secure the printing station with the new locking system, users can opt to use a third-party application to unlock the printer. They can also use the color touch screen display by using an assigned PIN.
To learn more about the new Evolis locking system option for the Primacy ID card printer and system, call an ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405 or chat now.
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