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The New Evolis Card Lamination Module is Here

Engineered to help protect your credentials and increase their durability for up to 10 years, Evolis recently introduced the Evolis Card Lamination Module (CLM)new stand-alone ID card laminator. This highly adaptable piece of equipment gives you the choice to laminate cards in two completely different ways: By itself – Use the CLM on its own as an inclusive lamination station with card-to-card insertion. Simply connect it to your computer with any USB cable to laminate cards you’ve previously printed from any ID card printer. The laminator is automatically recognized, so there’s no complicated set-up involved! In the long run, this saves your organization time and money as you won’t need to purchase a completely new ID card printer to laminate your ID cards. It’s also invaluable if your current ID card printer isn’t lamination-capable; the Evolis stand-alone ID card laminator solves that problem instantly! With an Evolis Primacy printer – If you’re already a Primacy owner, you can easily complete your printing system with the Evolis CLM. It connects via an infrared, so there’s no unnecessary cable required, making your printer an all-in-one printing and laminating system. When you add lamination to your ID cards, you’re getting three valuable benefits at once:
  • It extends the life of your ID cards. Card longevity is significantly increased, because lamination protects cards from everyday wear and repeated use (e.g., being swiped in a magnetic stripe card reader.
  • It protects cards from UV rays and fading. When exposed to the sun, lamination provides a shield against image-fading UV light. This protects the high-quality images and logos on cards from fading and dye migration.
  • It increases card security. Lamination adds an extra layer of visual security with a thin layer of protective film. This offers a second level of defense against forgery, counterfeiting, and tampering.
The Evolis Card Lamination Modules includes a 500-card input hopper and 100-card output hopper to speed up card production. In addition, input and output hoppers are an optimal way to keep your cards clean and free of airborne contaminants. Laminate up to 215 single-sided cards an hour and up to 110 cards an hour in dual-sided lamination mode. Monitor your lamination operation with the convenient LCD screen. It provides graphical updates when your machine needs to be cleaned, when laminates are low or empty, and more. With intuitive, plug-and-play consumables, easy-grip laminates are instinctively recognized by the CLM, so maintaining your machine is easy and hassle-free. For more information on the Evolis stand-alone Lamination Module, call a knowledgeable ID Professional today at (800)-321-4405. We’re here to help!
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