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Expiring Badges Help Keep Better Track of Visitors

Is your organization concerned about keeping better track of visitors, contractors, and guests? Do you want to ensure that they're not gaining access to your location beyond the permitted time?

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If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, it might be time to consider implementing self-expiring visitor badges into your ID card program.

Self-expiring visitor badges feature patented, time-sensitive color-changing materials and are offered in these convenient forms:

  • Manually issued or printable
  • Adhesive or clip-on
  • Full badges or indicators

All expiring badges have a printable or writable surface and a backing. After the two surfaces are pressed together and the badge is issued to the visitor, the badges will gradually expire. The top printable layer begins to fade so that the design on the backing begins to show through to the front of the badge.

The badge expiration times are dependent on how long you'd like them to last. You can purchase self-expiring visitor badges that can last from just a few hours to one week and all the way up to a full month.

It's important to note that the temperature in which the badge is worn will have a direct effect in how fast the badge expires. In warmer conditions, the badge will expire faster and in cooler conditions, it will take longer for the backing to show through.

Until the backing shows and the badge has expired, it will be easy for members or employees of your organization to identify visitors who have valid credentials. This is also beneficial because expired badges cannot be used more than once which prevents re-use by visitors to your facility.

Best of all, we offer a great selection of both custom and standard expiring visitor badges at ID Wholesaler.

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