Visitor Badges

Manage Visitors More Effectively with Expiring Badges

Expiring Visitor ID Badges

If your organization is concerned about keeping better track of visitors and ensuring that they are not gaining access to your location beyond the permitted time, you might consider using expiring visitor badge supplies.

Expiring badges are great for organizations that require visual security for their visitors.  For small and large businesses, it is important to know who is in your building and how you can identify them.

Expiring badges come in the form of stickers, pre-printed badges, and printable badges.  You can also choose to customize your badges with your company name and logo. Easily stick the badges to your clothing with an adhesive back or use a badge clip.

Expiring badge supplies can be purchased based on the time that they last:  One week, one day, or one half-day.  Every expiring badge comes with a front part and a back part; to activate the badge simply adhere the front part to the back part.

It's important to note that the temperature in which the badge is worn will have a direct effect on how fast the badge expires. In warmer conditions, the badge will expire faster and in cooler conditions, it will take longer for the backing to show through. Until the backing shows and the badge has expired, it'll be easy for members or employees of your organization to identify visitors who have valid credentials.

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