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Meet the Fargo DTC4000 ID Card Printer

Fargo DTC4000 ID Card Printer

Perfect for employee access ID badges or membership cards, the Fargo DTC4000 ID card printer is a versatile and easy-to-use badge machine. The DTC4000 features a modular design that can easily expand as your needs change.

Sleek & Stylish
In addition to its modern, black exterior, the DTC4000 has a compact design that allows it to accommodate any desktop. Not only does the printer look good, the cards it prints do as well! It creates vivid photos and crisp barcodes and digital signatures.

Convenient & Easy-to-Use
The Fargo DTC4000 has an all-in-one print ribbon and cleaning cartridge to simplify the loading process and make maintenance easy. Its intuitive user-interface (featuring the industry’s first Smartscreen, a helpful graphical display) provides color-coded buttons for system status alerts. Plus, a built-in erase and rewrite function makes this printer ideal for temporary ID cards such as visitor badges.

Options, Options!
The Fargo DTC4000 ID card printer is available as a single or dual-sided ID printer. It also features optional Ethernet connectivity and several encoding options. To help the printer fit in tight workspaces, it has an optional same-side input/output hopper. It's also available as a system - complete with cards, a webcam, ID software, and more!

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