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The Fargo INK1000XE Inkjet Card Printer has arrived

The HID Fargo INK1000XE Inkjet card printer is one of the most cutting edge and next generation desktop card printers out in the market today. It offers a perfect balance of simplicity and affordability at your fingertips for creating high-quality ID badges. This is a perfect printer for those looking for a reliable, and a user-friendly solution at only a fraction of the price of other ID card printers out there. Whether you need a printer for a small home based business, or a medium sized business at an office, the Fargo INK1000XE is able to suit all of your ID card printing needs. Datacard CD810 ID Card Printer

It is a great printer for small organizations, and works well for all cost-conscious organizations who are looking for a robust ID card printing solution without having to sacrifice quality and reliability.

Inkjet printers have become the most common type of printer to be used amongst both business and home settings. There many advantageous reasons for using inkjet printers, and and some of them include:

Initial Cost
Inkjet printers are very cost-effective, and affordable. Surprisingly even the least expensive inkjet printers are able to produce high quality images without a problem. Multi-functional inkjet printers also cost less than most laser printers that have the same similar capabilities.

Inkjet printing technology falls nothing short of providing the highest quality output for images, and texts without a doubt. Due to their finer and smooth detailing capabilities, inkjet printers are highly recommended for high resolution photo printing.

Startup Time
Unlike laser type of printers out in the market, inkjet printer do not require any wake up time from when they are first powered up. This means that it does not require heating up before one can start printing. Right after a printer is turned on, it can start printing without any delays. This helps to save time in not having to wait to get started as with other printer types out there which can take a long time to power up.

Physical Size
Inkjet printers are much more compact in size than with laser or other type of printers, which can allow you to also save you a lot of space in your home or office setting. For those who are running out of space in their home or office, the inkjet printer is definitely an ideal option to go with.

All Inkjet printers are the most plug-and-play types, meaning you can get easily started and get started right away. They are also very light in weight which makes them easy to transport when needed. It is definitely the most practical choice of printer for your home or office.

They are extremely quiet types of printers, and produce no loud noises when actually printing. This is very attractive for business settings where these printer types do not cause any types of noisy interruptions for other colleagues in the same work environment. In the home, it can also work great, where one might want to keep noise levels down so that it does not affect others who may be using their cellular phones, or sleeping in the same house areas.

IDWholesaler Warranty
ID Wholesaler provides free 1-year TrueSupport coverage with optional extended coverage available.

Ideal Applications
Student IDs
Membership cards
Gift cards
Customer loyalty
K-12 Schools
Health Cards
Time and attendance
Cashless vending

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