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What is a Fingerprint Scanner?

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What is a fingerprint reader/scanner?
A fingerprint scanner (also referred to as a "fingerprint capture device" or "fingerprint reader") is an electronic biometrics device that captures a digital image of the imprint from an individual's finger for identification or security purposes. This type of imaging distinguishes the distinct and unique pattern of ridges and grooves in a human's fingerprint for an accurate and reliable method of identification and authentication.

When a fingerprint scanner is first integrated into a security or access control system, each user must scan their fingerprint to establish their unique fingerprint pattern. This scanned data is captured and recorded by the software within the scanner. When the same user scans his or her fingerprint in the future, the image that is captured at that time is compared to the original fingerprint image that was captured in order to validate their identity.

What are the most common uses for fingerprint scanners?
Used in a wide variety of identification, verification, and registration applications, fingerprint scanners are most often used in:

  • Police stations and law enforcement
  • High-security buildings
  • Hospital patient record verification
  • Correctional facility access control
  • National ID and registration programs
  • Secure servers
  • Personal computer access

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