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Have You Seen the Fargo HDP5600XE Printer Yet?

If your organization demands personalized secure credentials and high-volume card printer output, the Fargo HDP5600XE ID printer is an optimal solution. It’s one of the most economically-priced retransfer printers available, and it’s protected by a 3-year warranty with exclusive 3-year loaner coverage from ID Wholesaler!Fargo HDP5600XE ID Card Printer High-quality, over-the-edge printing – ID cards produced using the HDP5600XE printer boast remarkably high quality with brilliantly vibrant colors and crisp test or barcodes. With its retransfer technology, you can depend on creating vivid, high-definition graphics to print credentials that are three times more durable than standard ID cards. It features standard 300 dpi with the option of 600 dpi print resolution capability for supreme print quality. Optimized, budget-friendly operation – The Fargo HDP5600XE’s display panel offers an up-to-date status of your print jobs, plus you can reduce printer energy consumption to ensure last using of your printer. It’s built-in fan filters keep airborne particles from getting inside the printer housing, preventing printing problems and making sure your printed cards look amazing. Exceptional card compatibility – Easily print beautiful images on a wide variety of ID card materials including PVC, PVC-composite, ABS, polycarbonate and more. With quality that’s second to none, your cards will be a direct reflection of your brand. Simplified, dependable consumables – Adding cards to your printer’s input hopper is simple and quick. With color-coded ID card printer ribbons and card cleaning rollers, changing consumables and keeping printer performance high is as easy as ever too! Choose from a versatile selection of cards, ribbons, films, and laminates to help you produce the perfect ID card for your organization. Card security & flexibility – No matter which card thickness you need for the cards you print, the adaptable HDP5600XE supports CR80 cards with thicknesses between 30 mil and 50 mil. Because this top-of-the-line retransfer printer uses high-durability and holographic retransfer films, you can depend on this printer to provide more secure cards. Your cards will be tamper-resistant; in the event that a counterfeiter attempts to peel the layers apart, the printed image will be destroyed. Using advanced materials, the film for the HDP5600XE is three times more durable than regular retransfer films, extending standard card use by two to four years without requiring additional investments like lamination hardware or protective card overlaminates. This can reduce the cost of card personalization equipment by up to 45% and materials by 25% or more. Standard Ethernet connectivity – This kind of printer connectivity won’t limit your ID card program. With built-in Ethernet on the HDP5600XE, you can easily configure your printer to run your ID printing application safely and securely over virtually any network. Covered by the industry’s best warranty – Get the maximum value from the investment in your card printer with the 3-year printer and printhead warranty which includes one no-questions-asked printhead replacement. You’ll also enjoy three full years of loaner coverage as an added bonus! Browse our full line of Fargo HDP5600XE ID card printers now or discuss your retransfer printer options with an ID Professional by calling (800) 321-4405. We’re here to help you find the solution that’s best suited for your specific needs!
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