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How Do You Verify Student Identity?

One of the most effective methods to verify student identity is with student photo identification cards. Looking for ways to improve school safety and security?

ID badges have become one of the best ways to authenticate students and staff, and their usage is deemed an indispensable asset on school campuses to both manage access and monitor attendance. So, how do you start printing your school’s ID cards?

Many schools elect to print cards in-house to reduce costs and shorten turnaround time. Printing your own ID cards affords you the convenience of issuing cards to students immediately. When it comes to quickly reissuing lost or stolen badges, instant access to your own printer is especially beneficial. Now, thanks to advances in badge printer design and technology, there are great options available that are easy to use and that produce professional-looking ID cards.

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Within an educational institution, cards are created for several different applications, ranging from photo verification to resource usage.

  • Student ID cards
  • Teacher and other staff badges
  • Media library cards
  • Cafeteria cards
  • Visitor badges

An option like the Evolis PrimacyID card printer is a perfect fit for the education environment. Offering reliability, usability, and performance excellence, the Evolis PrimacyID includes a free touchscreen LCD display upgrade. The PrimacyID prints up to 225 full-color, single-sided cards (or 140 dual-sided cards) per hour in batch printing mode.

Alternatively, use the manual feed option to quickly print small batches or individual cards, on-demand. With select configurations, data can be encoded on cards, or lamination capability can apply a protective film over the plastic card – all in a single pass. Lamination helps preserve your full-color or monochrome designs, plus protects cards from the daily physical wear and tear they endure.

What’s more, lamination helps deter ID card forgery and tampering since the overlaminate is difficult to manipulate. The PrimacyID gains extra school-friendly popularity points for its compatibility in both a Mac or PC environment.

The PrimacyID printer is protected by an industry-leading three-year manufacturer's warranty on both the printer and printhead. A starter cleaning kit (essential for maintaining optimal printer performance), USB cable, printer drivers, and user documentation are all included with this printer.

Here’s an important tip to know when shopping for ID card printers: a stand-alone printer purchase won’t come with a color ribbon, the software necessary to design your cards, or the plastic CR8030 cards needed to produce the end product! You should also consider how you’ll capture the photo images you’ll need to create your identification cards. If you don’t already have the image files, you may want to purchase a plug-and-play photo ID camera that connects to your computer.

All these extra considerations involved with launching your badging program can seem overwhelming. To help, Evolis offers a PrimacyID Card System, which includes your choice of a single or dual-sided printer, and all the supplies to get you started. Here’s what’s included:

  • PrimacyID card printer (choose single- or dual-sided printing capability)
  • Evolis 300-print YMCKO color ribbon
  • 500 CR80.030 composite PVC cards
    Tip: Composite cards are more durable and heat-resistant than standard PVC cards, making them the recommended choice for cards that will be frequently handled or laminated
  • FREE 6-month subscription to CloudBadging ID Card Software.
    CloudBadging is a cloud-based software application that lets you design, manage, and print credentials from any internet-connected device, any time. No user limit. No location restrictions.
  • Credential Cam Photo ID web camera

The 2.0-megapixel Photo ID Credential Cam provides the ability to take professional-quality ID photos for your credentials, certain to please your image-focused students!

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