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How School Administrators View COVID-19 Impact

Recently, ID Wholesaler researched how school administrators view COVID-19 impact within their facilities. We talked to school administrators from across the nation to ask how coronavirus has changed their school ID badge program, including their outlook for school badge printing for the coming school year. Closing schools at the tail-end of the 2019-2020 school year introduced the start of distance learning - a huge change in the way teachers delivered curriculum, and the way students consumed that curriculum. It also impacted the use of school ID badges. As school administrators prepare for the new school year, it's important they understand current trends related to school ID badge programs.

While there are still many unknowns for the coming school year, our research results were consistent--school administrators are focused and optimistic for the 2020-2021 school year.

School Administrator Outlook about COVID-19 Pandemic

We are excited to share a highlight of the results, along with a one-page infographic.

Key Conclusions

Three core takeaways emerged from the research:

1. Most school administrative staff is currently not working from the office, limiting the production of school ID cards.

2. Over 60% of school administrators are confident their schools will be printing ID badges from the office in time for the new school year.

3. Most respondents believed that their staff and student ID badge program will only become more important now. Identifying who belongs in the school will be increasingly relevant, and school badges can help promote a safer and healthier school environment, especially if thorough screening techniques are applied.

Review the full infographic for the complete findings from our School Administrator research.

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